06 Jan

Baby’s naked sleep in summer is healthier

Baby’s “naked sleep” in summer is healthier

Naked sleep is not a new topic. It can improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation, and relieve symptoms for some diseases.
In the past, naked sleeping was more common among adults. For growing babies, especially small babies for a few months, due to their low subcutaneous fat, weak warming ability, and poor resistance to disease, it is rareParents will let your baby try to sleep naked.
But in fact, under the right conditions and using the right method to let the baby sleep naked, there are unexpected benefits to the growth and development of young children: in the summer, it is healthier for the baby to sleep naked.
Strengthen your baby’s resistance Every day before going to bed, the mother’s body must unavoidably come into direct contact with the air when she undresses her baby and does various preparations before going to bed.
There is a temperature difference between the air temperature and the surface of the skin. The temperature difference stimulates the baby’s body function. The larger the temperature difference, the greater the intensity of the stimulus. This can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, help the baby improve its ability to regulate body temperature, and increase its resistance to diseaseability.
After the baby enters dreamland, he will naturally turn over and kick his legs . These actions will speed up the air flow in the sleeping bag. The feeling of these changes in the baby who is sleeping and sleeping is indirect, but the skin of the naked sleeping child can directly feelVarious small changes can be adjusted in time for changes in temperature.
Children who often undergo similar exercises naturally increase their resistance to disease.