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My pregnant childbirth has a relationship

My pregnant childbirth has a relationship

My husband and I are college classmates.

He is one level higher and cares for me like his brother.

At first, my parents didn’t agree with us, but in the future I loved him so much that I stopped insisting.

  After graduation, we got married.

Mom and Dad helped us buy a house and furnished a new house.

After marriage, we live happily and happily.

At that time, we were all unable to cook, he just cooked my favorite dishes according to recipes, and the taste was really good.

  Typhoons are often over there in Guangzhou.

Every time there is a typhoon, my husband, regardless of his safety, insists on picking me up from work.

Actually, the company will send me a car.

But he said that if he didn’t pick me up in person, he wouldn’t feel relieved about what he did.

  Soon, I became pregnant.

During that time, my mother asked me to move to my ancestor in order to take care of me.

The husband lives in the company because he is busy with work.

  After confinement, I moved back to my home.

While packing up the room, I found Xiaohui’s love letter to her husband.

I was very surprised. I really don’t believe that my husband who loves me so much will have a private relationship with Xiaohui.

  Xiaohui is the sister of my colleague.

At first, my sister asked me to find a job for her, and I agreed to let her husband arrange Xiaohui in his company.

Since then, Xiaohui has often come to our house to play. My elder sister called me shortly. In addition, she and my husband are still in the same village. I never took her as an outsider.

  Once, I accidentally found Xiaohui’s photo at home. It was that kind of art photo, but I didn’t go to my heart.

After discovering the love letter this time, I finally wanted to understand the truth of the matter.

  I asked my husband what was going on.

The husband confessed his private relationship with Xiaohui.

They have been well for six months.

That is, when I was pregnant and giving birth, they did betray me.

  This sudden blow caused me to collapse mentally without the slightest precaution.

In just one month, my weight dropped to 40 kg.

  I filed for divorce, and my husband did not agree.

So I took a step back, but it was okay to leave, but I had to quit Xiaohui.

After being fired, Xiaohui returned to her hometown in Shandong.

  At the age of 6 months, my husband proposed to return to Jinan to do business.

As soon as he left, I had a hunch that he was looking for Xiaohui.

I’m very sad, but I can’t tell my mother that I’m afraid she’s worried.

So I found my husband’s good friend Su.

As soon as Su heard, he bought a train ticket for me and came to Jinan with me.

  Along the way, my heart was suffering and I couldn’t help crying.

Susu persuaded me, “Xiao Qing, don’t cry, it’s bad for your health.If he really doesn’t want you anymore, I want you.

“At that time, I felt very warm in my heart.

After arriving in Jinan, my husband told me that Xiaohui had returned to her hometown, and the relationship between them was completely over.

  When I lived in Jinan, my husband didn’t let me go back to Guangzhou, so we bought a house and lived there.

But after Xiaohui’s incident, I found that my relationship with my husband was gradually indifferent. I didn’t love him as much as before, and I felt less and less.

Instead, Su, who was far away from Guangzhou, often called and greeted us, and we had a good chat.

  Until one day, I felt like I really didn’t love my husband, so I said to him, “I don’t love you anymore, let’s get divorced!

Husband smiled: “Okay, just leave if you want to leave.”

“I didn’t expect him to agree so happily.

  The next day, we went for a divorce.

At that time, he smiled and told the staff of the procedure that this procedure should be kept well, and we will return to exchange the marriage certificate in a few days.

  I think he thought I was playing with him, so he agreed very happily.

In fact, I didn’t like him anymore, so I proposed a divorce.

  We are in this house.

So, after divorce, we still live together.

Both parents and friends did not know that we were divorced and thought we were happy.

He still looks after my life.

Sometimes, we also brought the children from Guangzhou. Although the family of three is also happy, my feelings for my ex-husband are no longer in love.

The 6-year-old seems to be very sensible. She restructured us and said, “Daddy really hurts me. I like Daddy.

“So, when my child and my husband were kissing, my heart was very contradictory.

  Later, my ex-husband heard that I was getting better with his best friend. He was surprised and angry, saying that I had cheated him.

Angrily, he went to Shanghai to develop.

  Sue and I began to contact incrementally.

We often talk on the phone and he cares a lot about my life.

When I was celebrating my birthday, he flew over from Guangzhou to give me a birthday that I had accumulated.

  Last year, our relationship has undergone new developments and is beginning to cause emotions.

He often said, “Marry me.

If you like Jinan, I will buy you a new house and we will get married in Jinan.

Then I opened a branch from Jinan.

“I don’t know whether to accept or reject.

  My ex-husband often called back and asked me if I was scared alone at night, and told me to take care of myself, eat well, and find him if I had something.

Remarriage is often mentioned.

  I hesitated.

After all, the ex-husband was the daughter’s pro-daddy. Their father and daughter have a very good relationship. The daughter especially likes to be with her father.

  My boyfriend may have guessed my thoughts and often said, “I’m good again.

After we get married, I will treat my baby as my own child.

And, for the sake of babies, we can stop having children.

“I was moved by his sincerity.

  Actually, I also thought about marrying my boyfriend.

But my ex-husband doesn’t get married. I always feel a little sorry for him. I want to wait until my ex-husband gets married before we get married again.But the ex-husband just didn’t find a girlfriend.

  Often, I will accept phone calls from my ex-husband.

Sometimes, he was very gentle and considerate: “Qinger, I’m not qualified as a husband, and it’s quite suitable to be your friend.

If you want to get married, just don’t worry about me.

“But sometimes, he is also very irritable.

Once he was drunk and called me to lie to him.

He also called my boyfriend: “If your kid dares to marry my wife, I will not let you have a good life.

“Once, I talked with my girlfriend for a long time. Just after I put down the phone, my ex-husband called and asked,” Who did you call just now, so continuously.

Is that bastard calling you again?

“Then some bad words swept through.

  I’m really embarrassed.

If it is for children, I should choose my ex-husband.

And I seem to love my boyfriend more now, not to mention he has been waiting for me for two years.

If I remarry with my ex-husband, I feel sorry for my boyfriend; if I choose a boyfriend, I feel that my ex-husband is not married yet, and I am a bit sorry for him.

Also, there is no way to explain to parents and daughters.

At this point, I don’t know what should happen.