25 Jan

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Editor’s note: Acne (commonly known as acne) is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, which occurs in adolescent men and women.

The course of the disease is lingering, and it is difficult to control with general drugs.

So how to eliminate this waste?

I compiled a list of major websites and finally found a reliable and effective method for removing acne-acupuncture treatment of acne, let us take a look at it below!

  There are many causes of acute ulcers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of them are caused by inadequate diet, damage to the spleen and stomach, lung and stomach stagnation, and steaming the face. The evidence is mostly empirical.

And it is related to the mood of the patient. If the long-term mental discomfort, the evil of heat and poison enters by emptiness, enters between the muscle crests, or flows through the meridians, so that the Qi and blood veins are blocked, and the stasis will turn into pus and cause pus.

Traditional Chinese medicine is treated with acupoint puncture of large vertebrae, and the method is simple and the effect is very fast.

  Treatment method The patient sits with his head tilted forward, and the Dazhui acupoint is fully exposed.

Sterilize the vertebral body of the patient with iodine. Take a disposable syringe needle to pierce the Dazhui point quickly. Generally 3?
5 times, the puncture depth is medium, and then quickly pull out the cupping at the vertebra to bleed. The bleeding volume is about 3?
5 ml, 2 times a week, 8 times as a course of treatment.

  According to the principle of diarrhea in practice, a three-pointed needle puncture bloodletting therapy is used.

The Governor’s Vein is the sea of the Yang Jing, the Governor’s body is the Yang Jing, and the Yang Jing is often the evil accumulation of heat poison.

Dazhui and Dumai Acupoint are also the meeting point of Sanyang Jing and Dumai, which are known as Zhuyang Meeting.

Bleeding at Dazhui can relieve lung and stomach heat, draw up the Qi machine, reduce heat and dissipate heat, and promote blood circulation and blood stasis.