06 Feb

Tips for mobilizing features to reduce stress

Tips for mobilizing features to reduce stress

Listening-Mozart Music Music is always the universal “language” of human beings, and it is also a good “psychologist”.

  According to research, Mozart’s music can soothe physiology and reduce emotional stress.

When the pressure is high, it does not prevent Mozart’s “Forty Symphony B Minor” or “Mozart’s Serenade” from MP3.

  Eat-Sweet Chocolate At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, I often hear someone repeating in the office: the work efficiency has dropped significantly, and the thinking has begun to “shorten”.

At this point, if you can eat delicious sweets, even a small piece of chocolate or a small cup of ice cream can lighten your mood.

But don’t eat too much sweets, because too much sugar may also increase worry.

  Smell-the aroma of lemon The refreshing aroma of lemon is enough to clear your head. Drinking a cup of lemon tea or smelling the aroma of lemon before going to work will make you greet every day with energy.

  Grip-friend’s hand When you are worried, if you can hold a warm and strong hand, the tension will be reduced a lot, and skin contact will bring more sense of security.

A study by a neuroscientist at the University of Virginia in the United States showed that when a woman is stressed, holding her husband’s hand will immediately reduce the stress level. This difference is very obvious on brain scans.

  Look-When the scenery outside the window is ready, walk to the window and look up at the blue sky. The birds flying freely will be relaxed immediately.

Let the sun shine warmly on your body, and the tight muscles will slowly relax.