28 Dec

Someone who makes you fall in love at first sight

Someone who makes you fall in love at first sight

Translation: If you want to nail a small patch on your lover’s jeans, which of the following patterns would you choose?


Semicircle B.

Square C.

Round D.

Ladder Answer Analysis: A.

A semicircle is a person full of romantic fantasy, so what can make you love at first sight is also a person with longing for the future. When you talk about your ideals and wishes for the future, you are always attracted by the blueprint outlined by the other party.It reminds you that in this realistic society, it is useless to have only dreams and not to act. Similarly, the person who fascinates you may not be able to bring you happiness!


The square is a sober person. You never believe in love at first sight, and even occasionally meet people who make you look good. You will not easily improve your actions. You will even wait and see until you wait for a while.Make a decision after you understand it well, so although you are unlikely to encounter romantic love stories, you can often get lasting love.

You can see the watch too much if the circle is too shallow, so your love at first sight will inevitably flow to the surface. For those who are very fashionable when you dress up, you ca n’t resist it. Once you really interact, you may thinkI don’t want to leave, but when I see the other person appearing in front of you in a well-dressed manner, you don’t want to leave him again. Maybe this kind of vanity of beauty will hurt you.


You are not easy to be confused by surface phenomena, but you are also attracted by people who are flexible and always do better than others, especially girls who are easy to learn and therefore like older and learned people.Man, but you have to distinguish whether this is worship or really like it. Moreover, you also have to learn to distinguish whether they are really talented or just half-bottles of water.