13 Feb

Fish fillet steamed eggs tonic tonic health conditioning

Fish fillet steamed eggs tonic tonic health conditioning

Fish fillet steamed eggs are suitable for the crowd: preschool children and malnutrition, tonicity and conditioning.

  Ingredients: Grass carp 300 g eggs 250 g Seasoning: shallot 10 g salt 4 g monosodium glutamate 1 g raw soy sauce 5 g pepper 1 g vegetable oil 20 g Production: 1.

Grass carp slaughter and cure the net, slice the net meat and slice it, add refined salt, and mix well with oil; 2.

2. Stir eggs into egg liquid, add refined salt, stir MSG evenly, and pour into dish; 3.

Boil the steamer, add the eggs and steam over low heat for about 7 minutes, then add the fish fillets. Spread the onion seeds on the noodles and continue steaming for 3 minutes. Do you use the remaining heat?

Remove for 2 minutes, pour soy sauce and oil, and sprinkle with pepper.

  Dishes taste: tender and smooth.

  How to eat: Suitable for Chinese food, dinner, all seasons.

  Recipe nutrition: 1.

Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein, trace elements, vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. Its protein is the best protein in nature, and it has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage; it can also supplement DHA and lecithin., Yolk, is beneficial to the development of the nervous system and the body, can strengthen the brain, improve memory, and promote liver cell regeneration; eggs contain metabolized vitamin B and other trace elements, which can decompose and oxidize carcinogens in the human body.Anti-cancer effect; eggs are sweet and flat; have the effects of nourishing the heart, replenishing blood, nourishing yin and moisturizing.


Grass carp: Grass carp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is good for blood circulation and is a good food for cardiovascular patients. Grass carp is rich in selenium. Regular consumption has anti-aging and beauty effects, and it also has a certain preventive effect on tumors.It has the effects of warming the stomach, relieving wind, relieving wind, treating paralysis, paraplegia, improving intestines and eyesight, treating deficiency, headache, wind deficiency, hyperactivity of liver yang, hypertension, headache, chronic illness.

  Tips: Eggs: Eggs should not be boiled with sugar; eating with saccharin and brown sugar will poison the spleen and stomach; eating with goose meat will damage the spleen and stomach; eating with rabbit meat and persimmon will cause diarrhea; and not with turtles, carps, soybean milk, teafood.

06 Feb

Tips for mobilizing features to reduce stress

Tips for mobilizing features to reduce stress

Listening-Mozart Music Music is always the universal “language” of human beings, and it is also a good “psychologist”.

  According to research, Mozart’s music can soothe physiology and reduce emotional stress.

When the pressure is high, it does not prevent Mozart’s “Forty Symphony B Minor” or “Mozart’s Serenade” from MP3.

  Eat-Sweet Chocolate At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, I often hear someone repeating in the office: the work efficiency has dropped significantly, and the thinking has begun to “shorten”.

At this point, if you can eat delicious sweets, even a small piece of chocolate or a small cup of ice cream can lighten your mood.

But don’t eat too much sweets, because too much sugar may also increase worry.

  Smell-the aroma of lemon The refreshing aroma of lemon is enough to clear your head. Drinking a cup of lemon tea or smelling the aroma of lemon before going to work will make you greet every day with energy.

  Grip-friend’s hand When you are worried, if you can hold a warm and strong hand, the tension will be reduced a lot, and skin contact will bring more sense of security.

A study by a neuroscientist at the University of Virginia in the United States showed that when a woman is stressed, holding her husband’s hand will immediately reduce the stress level. This difference is very obvious on brain scans.

  Look-When the scenery outside the window is ready, walk to the window and look up at the blue sky. The birds flying freely will be relaxed immediately.

Let the sun shine warmly on your body, and the tight muscles will slowly relax.

05 Feb

Bring Your Pet to Yoga-Practice Control Ideas

Bring Your Pet to Yoga-Practice Control Ideas

You must love your dog very much, right?
What do you usually play with it?
Lost frisbee or sacrum?
Oh no!
These are too out!
Want to make your dog fashionable?
Then let it do yoga with you while taking it every day!
  Asana name: Pet Yoga Efficacy: This asana can strengthen the body’s sense of balance, help focus and self-control.
The most important thing is that you can get along with your pets more harmoniously and achieve the effect of both entertainment and physical exercise.
This is also a brand new challenge and exercise for your pet!
  Position your feet naturally apart, shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, lift one leg, push the heels out, and keep your toes as far as possible towards the tip of your nose.
  Asana Er will raise the soles of the legs against the inner side of the thigh on the other side, hands crossed over the top of the head to keep breathing evenly.
  After practicing yoga, you ca n’t eat or bathe immediately, and you need to rest for at least 1 to 2 hours. Here is a yoga vegetarian that is suitable for detoxification.
  Golden Vegetable Stew Ingredients: 2 potatoes, 250 grams of pumpkin, 100 grams of tofu.
  Seasoning: Curry powder, lemon juice, salt, sugar a little.
  Production: 1.
Peel potatoes and pumpkins into diamond-shaped pieces; 块 2.
Pour the oil into the pan, use the ginger shabu-shabu, stir-fry the potatoes, add the bean paste, pumpkin, seasoning and water, and simmer.
  Efficacy: Curry is not only delicious, but also wholesome.
The curcumin contained in curry can protect the heart and prevent heart failure.
For patients with heart disease, curcumin in curry can prevent and reverse cardiac hypertrophy and restore heart function!
Potatoes and pumpkins are the best products for detoxification.

25 Jan

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Editor’s note: Acne (commonly known as acne) is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, which occurs in adolescent men and women.

The course of the disease is lingering, and it is difficult to control with general drugs.

So how to eliminate this waste?

I compiled a list of major websites and finally found a reliable and effective method for removing acne-acupuncture treatment of acne, let us take a look at it below!

  There are many causes of acute ulcers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of them are caused by inadequate diet, damage to the spleen and stomach, lung and stomach stagnation, and steaming the face. The evidence is mostly empirical.

And it is related to the mood of the patient. If the long-term mental discomfort, the evil of heat and poison enters by emptiness, enters between the muscle crests, or flows through the meridians, so that the Qi and blood veins are blocked, and the stasis will turn into pus and cause pus.

Traditional Chinese medicine is treated with acupoint puncture of large vertebrae, and the method is simple and the effect is very fast.

  Treatment method The patient sits with his head tilted forward, and the Dazhui acupoint is fully exposed.

Sterilize the vertebral body of the patient with iodine. Take a disposable syringe needle to pierce the Dazhui point quickly. Generally 3?
5 times, the puncture depth is medium, and then quickly pull out the cupping at the vertebra to bleed. The bleeding volume is about 3?
5 ml, 2 times a week, 8 times as a course of treatment.

  According to the principle of diarrhea in practice, a three-pointed needle puncture bloodletting therapy is used.

The Governor’s Vein is the sea of the Yang Jing, the Governor’s body is the Yang Jing, and the Yang Jing is often the evil accumulation of heat poison.

Dazhui and Dumai Acupoint are also the meeting point of Sanyang Jing and Dumai, which are known as Zhuyang Meeting.

Bleeding at Dazhui can relieve lung and stomach heat, draw up the Qi machine, reduce heat and dissipate heat, and promote blood circulation and blood stasis.

19 Jan

My pregnant childbirth has a relationship

My pregnant childbirth has a relationship

My husband and I are college classmates.

He is one level higher and cares for me like his brother.

At first, my parents didn’t agree with us, but in the future I loved him so much that I stopped insisting.

  After graduation, we got married.

Mom and Dad helped us buy a house and furnished a new house.

After marriage, we live happily and happily.

At that time, we were all unable to cook, he just cooked my favorite dishes according to recipes, and the taste was really good.

  Typhoons are often over there in Guangzhou.

Every time there is a typhoon, my husband, regardless of his safety, insists on picking me up from work.

Actually, the company will send me a car.

But he said that if he didn’t pick me up in person, he wouldn’t feel relieved about what he did.

  Soon, I became pregnant.

During that time, my mother asked me to move to my ancestor in order to take care of me.

The husband lives in the company because he is busy with work.

  After confinement, I moved back to my home.

While packing up the room, I found Xiaohui’s love letter to her husband.

I was very surprised. I really don’t believe that my husband who loves me so much will have a private relationship with Xiaohui.

  Xiaohui is the sister of my colleague.

At first, my sister asked me to find a job for her, and I agreed to let her husband arrange Xiaohui in his company.

Since then, Xiaohui has often come to our house to play. My elder sister called me shortly. In addition, she and my husband are still in the same village. I never took her as an outsider.

  Once, I accidentally found Xiaohui’s photo at home. It was that kind of art photo, but I didn’t go to my heart.

After discovering the love letter this time, I finally wanted to understand the truth of the matter.

  I asked my husband what was going on.

The husband confessed his private relationship with Xiaohui.

They have been well for six months.

That is, when I was pregnant and giving birth, they did betray me.

  This sudden blow caused me to collapse mentally without the slightest precaution.

In just one month, my weight dropped to 40 kg.

  I filed for divorce, and my husband did not agree.

So I took a step back, but it was okay to leave, but I had to quit Xiaohui.

After being fired, Xiaohui returned to her hometown in Shandong.

  At the age of 6 months, my husband proposed to return to Jinan to do business.

As soon as he left, I had a hunch that he was looking for Xiaohui.

I’m very sad, but I can’t tell my mother that I’m afraid she’s worried.

So I found my husband’s good friend Su.

As soon as Su heard, he bought a train ticket for me and came to Jinan with me.

  Along the way, my heart was suffering and I couldn’t help crying.

Susu persuaded me, “Xiao Qing, don’t cry, it’s bad for your health.If he really doesn’t want you anymore, I want you.

“At that time, I felt very warm in my heart.

After arriving in Jinan, my husband told me that Xiaohui had returned to her hometown, and the relationship between them was completely over.

  When I lived in Jinan, my husband didn’t let me go back to Guangzhou, so we bought a house and lived there.

But after Xiaohui’s incident, I found that my relationship with my husband was gradually indifferent. I didn’t love him as much as before, and I felt less and less.

Instead, Su, who was far away from Guangzhou, often called and greeted us, and we had a good chat.

  Until one day, I felt like I really didn’t love my husband, so I said to him, “I don’t love you anymore, let’s get divorced!

Husband smiled: “Okay, just leave if you want to leave.”

“I didn’t expect him to agree so happily.

  The next day, we went for a divorce.

At that time, he smiled and told the staff of the procedure that this procedure should be kept well, and we will return to exchange the marriage certificate in a few days.

  I think he thought I was playing with him, so he agreed very happily.

In fact, I didn’t like him anymore, so I proposed a divorce.

  We are in this house.

So, after divorce, we still live together.

Both parents and friends did not know that we were divorced and thought we were happy.

He still looks after my life.

Sometimes, we also brought the children from Guangzhou. Although the family of three is also happy, my feelings for my ex-husband are no longer in love.

The 6-year-old seems to be very sensible. She restructured us and said, “Daddy really hurts me. I like Daddy.

“So, when my child and my husband were kissing, my heart was very contradictory.

  Later, my ex-husband heard that I was getting better with his best friend. He was surprised and angry, saying that I had cheated him.

Angrily, he went to Shanghai to develop.

  Sue and I began to contact incrementally.

We often talk on the phone and he cares a lot about my life.

When I was celebrating my birthday, he flew over from Guangzhou to give me a birthday that I had accumulated.

  Last year, our relationship has undergone new developments and is beginning to cause emotions.

He often said, “Marry me.

If you like Jinan, I will buy you a new house and we will get married in Jinan.

Then I opened a branch from Jinan.

“I don’t know whether to accept or reject.

  My ex-husband often called back and asked me if I was scared alone at night, and told me to take care of myself, eat well, and find him if I had something.

Remarriage is often mentioned.

  I hesitated.

After all, the ex-husband was the daughter’s pro-daddy. Their father and daughter have a very good relationship. The daughter especially likes to be with her father.

  My boyfriend may have guessed my thoughts and often said, “I’m good again.

After we get married, I will treat my baby as my own child.

And, for the sake of babies, we can stop having children.

“I was moved by his sincerity.

  Actually, I also thought about marrying my boyfriend.

But my ex-husband doesn’t get married. I always feel a little sorry for him. I want to wait until my ex-husband gets married before we get married again.But the ex-husband just didn’t find a girlfriend.

  Often, I will accept phone calls from my ex-husband.

Sometimes, he was very gentle and considerate: “Qinger, I’m not qualified as a husband, and it’s quite suitable to be your friend.

If you want to get married, just don’t worry about me.

“But sometimes, he is also very irritable.

Once he was drunk and called me to lie to him.

He also called my boyfriend: “If your kid dares to marry my wife, I will not let you have a good life.

“Once, I talked with my girlfriend for a long time. Just after I put down the phone, my ex-husband called and asked,” Who did you call just now, so continuously.

Is that bastard calling you again?

“Then some bad words swept through.

  I’m really embarrassed.

If it is for children, I should choose my ex-husband.

And I seem to love my boyfriend more now, not to mention he has been waiting for me for two years.

If I remarry with my ex-husband, I feel sorry for my boyfriend; if I choose a boyfriend, I feel that my ex-husband is not married yet, and I am a bit sorry for him.

Also, there is no way to explain to parents and daughters.

At this point, I don’t know what should happen.

18 Jan

Watch out for small bumps on your child’s eyelids

Watch out for small bumps on your child’s eyelids

All the lively and dynamic Quan suddenly became regular, and rubbed his right eye with his small hand from time to time.

Grandma held up the reading glasses and found that the baby’s grandson’s right eye was a little red, and tears passed through the corner of the eye.

She carefully opened the whole right eyelid, and found a millet-sized mass in the upper eyelid.

Could it be “steal eye”?

Take a closer look.

It’s not like it, so he took his grandson to the hospital.

The doctor told her grandmother after the examination: the whole thing was not a “steal eye”, but a cyst.

  The doctor’s diagnosis left my grandmother’s head full of fog: a swollen bulge?

what is this?

What’s the difference from “Steal Eye”?

How to deal with it?

The doctor explained patiently to grandma.

  The little secret of the sacral swelling is that it is also called meibomian cyst.

It is the eyelid gland mouth involvement, which stimulates the tissues around the glands, causing chronic degradation, and gradually forms protruding bumps.

Although the upper and lower eyelids are involved, the upper eyelid is more likely to be injured.

Appears as the skin on the surface of the eyelids is bulging, and the lump under the skin can be felt.

The lumps vary in size, as large as cherries and as small as mung beans. They have no adhesion to the skin and no pain when pressed.

Lift up the eyelid, and you can see the purple-red granuloma prominent on the corresponding part of the eyelid conjunctival surface.

Some have short durations.

After a few days, it disappeared, the so-called “short-lived”: some overlap, and will last for weeks or even months; others disappear or have cured after treatment, and then a new lump grows, there is a momentum of “going forward”.

  The diagnosis of granulomas is relatively simple. Any small tumor born on the meibomian gland has a protruded course.

It is not red and painless, the boundary is clear, and there is no adhesion to the skin.

  Grandma asked eagerly again: “So, what should I do if I have a cyst?

“The doctor told her that it was relatively small in the early days.

Most of them can be absorbed by themselves and disappear without special treatment.

Or apply a local heat pack to speed up absorption.

Babies with chronic inflammation.

You can use 0.

5% chlortetracycline eye ointment.

If there is no resolution for 6 Wednesdays, then the complications will not be hindered.

But don’t worry, the doctor will make a small crack in the conjunctiva under local anesthesia and dig out its contents. The wound is generally 1?
Can be cured in 2 days.

If your baby is really afraid of surgery.

Prednisone injections can also be tried.

But the effect is not certain.

  ”Steal eye” and stye As for the “steal eye” mentioned by grandma, it is medically called external stye.

Because the eyelid has two kinds of glands, the sebaceous glands located at the root of the eyelashes are opened in the hair follicles;

These two glands are subject to a suppurative bacterial infection (such as Staphylococcus aureus).
Causes acute inflammation, collectively known as stye.
If it is sebaceous adenosine infection, it is called external styli, which is what grandma calls “steal eye”.

Itchy at the beginning and gradually intensified.

Eyelids edema, congestion, and pain and tenderness.

Especially in the “steal eye” near the outer corner of the eye, the pain is significant.

Conjunctival edema, lymphadenopathy in front of the ear, and tenderness.

After a few days, the lump gradually softened, and yellow pus spots appeared. Once the pus penetrated the skin, the swelling quickly subsided, and the pain eased.

  If the meibomian glands are affected, they are called endomyeloma.

Because the meibomian adenoma is surrounded by strong meibomian tissue, it is obviously deeper, so the degree of redness and swelling of the eyelid is far less obvious than that of external maltoma.

After the glands are purulent, grayish-yellow pus spots can be seen faintly inside the congested eyelids. After the pus spots are ruptured, most of the pus fills the conjunctival sac in the eye, and a few can penetrate through the skin.

Individual severe children.

The fatal may spread to the surroundings and spread to the entire meibomium, forming an eyelid abscess.

  How to prevent stings in the baby chicken market?

Originally, the eyelids of healthy people had sufficient ability to defend against external germs.

However, the child is young and ignorant, and often rubs his eyes with dirty hands, so it is easy to bring bacteria into the eyelids.

In addition, when a child suffers from malnutrition or some other systemic disease, which reduces resistance, it also creates conditions for purulent bacteria to attack the eyelids.

  The treatment of stye should be early and more scientific.

To sum it up.

Pay attention to the following principles: ★ When the stye is absent or the abscess has not formed, you can do a local wet and hot compress, 3?
4 times, 20 minutes each.

Hot compresses can quickly circulate blood in the eyes, reduce swelling and relieve pain, and even lighter inflammation can disappear.

At the same time, according to the presence or absence of systemic symptoms (such as fever) to determine whether to use antibiotics such as penicillin, oral, injection or saline injection can be used instead.

For specific treatment, follow the doctor’s order.

  ★ Once pus spots appear.

In time, ask the doctor to cut open and drain the pus.

Don’t wait for it to burst on its own.

Because of a stye, especially a stye, if the pus is left to ulcerate after purulence, the eyelids are often deformed due to scarring, valgus or incomplete closure of the upper and lower eyelids, resulting in damage to the appearance.

  ★父母切忌自己当大夫,用手挤压脓点排脓,因为眼睑血管丰富,而且通过眼眶与眼内的血管跟’颅内的海绵窦“一脉相承”,挤压脓点会使炎症扩散,造成Bacteria “flood”, causing a series of chain reactions, such as orbital cellulitis, meningitis, sepsis, etc., serious life-threatening!

Therefore, it is wise for the doctor to perform a surgical incision to remove the pus.

  ★ Use eye drops reasonably.

Commonly 0.

25% chloramphenicol eye drops.

If there is too much secretion, you can use rifampicin eye drops.

After the child falls asleep, change to chlortetracycline eye ointment.

  ★ Appropriate supplementation of vitamins A and C, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking cheese or fruit juice, eating less or temporarily avoiding irritating foods, these will help ease recovery.

  Tip 1: In the early stage of onset, pycnidoma is quite similar to stye, such as eyelid swelling, pain or eye discomfort.

But after a few days, it became “clear and clear”: the above symptoms of phloem disappeared, leaving only a round, painless lump in the eyelid, and it will slowly grow; while a stye is worse, the pain is aggravated, and the swelling is obvious.

If parents can’t tell.

Ask your doctor for help in time.

  Tips2: The sacral swelling can sometimes be worse, becoming infected by bacteria.
Once the granuloma is infected.

The symptoms and signs are almost the same as those of the cereal clock.
The main points of identification are: nodules or masses that are painless and not swollen.

Later, there are signs of infection such as redness, swelling, and pain.

The cereal bell is ill, and its symptoms such as redness, swelling and pain often appear at the same time as induration or lumps.

  Tips3: After a secondary infection of the phloem.

It should be treated as a stye and wait for it to disappear.

It is best to do a surgical resection in order to completely resolve it.

08 Jan

If you have high blood pressure, don’t drink wine!

If you have high blood pressure, don’t drink wine!

In life, many friends like to drink wine, because wine tastes sweet and has multiple effects, which can prevent disease.

But if someone has high blood pressure, they should stay away from wine, because tandem wine can cause clogging.

  Acute disease is a very troublesome disease.

If people’s acute attacks are not resolved in time, they may endanger lives.

  Many patients believe that drinking can induce an acute attack, PhilipJ at Sir Charles Nez Hospital, Australia.

Research by Thompson and others confirms this view and finds that wine is more closely related to headache attacks, and the findings were published in the recent Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

  Researchers conducted a diet allergy questionnaire on 366 adult hospitalized patients and found 92.

6% of people drink alcohol, of which 33% said that at least 2 drinks were associated with stimulation.

Red and white wines are the most common inducement and usually reverse within an hour of drinking.

Although most drinking-induced acute illnesses are mild, severe acute illnesses can also occur.

In women, oral hormonal therapy, increased age at the onset of acute onset, and patients who have switched to medication are more likely to induce intervention.

In addition, wine-induced hypertension is closely related to the induction of sulfite-containing foods, aspirin, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers.

  Therefore, the researchers reminded patients to increase their awareness of the possibility of alcohol-induced intervention, and suggested to further study the role of wine-related sulfite additives in induced intervention.

  Tips: From the above we know that the inclusion of wine may cause interventional flips.

Acute attacks can be dangerous to life.

Therefore, if someone has hypertension, never drink wine.

06 Jan

Baby’s naked sleep in summer is healthier

Baby’s “naked sleep” in summer is healthier

Naked sleep is not a new topic. It can improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation, and relieve symptoms for some diseases.
In the past, naked sleeping was more common among adults. For growing babies, especially small babies for a few months, due to their low subcutaneous fat, weak warming ability, and poor resistance to disease, it is rareParents will let your baby try to sleep naked.
But in fact, under the right conditions and using the right method to let the baby sleep naked, there are unexpected benefits to the growth and development of young children: in the summer, it is healthier for the baby to sleep naked.
Strengthen your baby’s resistance Every day before going to bed, the mother’s body must unavoidably come into direct contact with the air when she undresses her baby and does various preparations before going to bed.
There is a temperature difference between the air temperature and the surface of the skin. The temperature difference stimulates the baby’s body function. The larger the temperature difference, the greater the intensity of the stimulus. This can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, help the baby improve its ability to regulate body temperature, and increase its resistance to diseaseability.
After the baby enters dreamland, he will naturally turn over and kick his legs . These actions will speed up the air flow in the sleeping bag. The feeling of these changes in the baby who is sleeping and sleeping is indirect, but the skin of the naked sleeping child can directly feelVarious small changes can be adjusted in time for changes in temperature.
Children who often undergo similar exercises naturally increase their resistance to disease.

28 Dec

Someone who makes you fall in love at first sight

Someone who makes you fall in love at first sight

Translation: If you want to nail a small patch on your lover’s jeans, which of the following patterns would you choose?


Semicircle B.

Square C.

Round D.

Ladder Answer Analysis: A.

A semicircle is a person full of romantic fantasy, so what can make you love at first sight is also a person with longing for the future. When you talk about your ideals and wishes for the future, you are always attracted by the blueprint outlined by the other party.It reminds you that in this realistic society, it is useless to have only dreams and not to act. Similarly, the person who fascinates you may not be able to bring you happiness!


The square is a sober person. You never believe in love at first sight, and even occasionally meet people who make you look good. You will not easily improve your actions. You will even wait and see until you wait for a while.Make a decision after you understand it well, so although you are unlikely to encounter romantic love stories, you can often get lasting love.

You can see the watch too much if the circle is too shallow, so your love at first sight will inevitably flow to the surface. For those who are very fashionable when you dress up, you ca n’t resist it. Once you really interact, you may thinkI don’t want to leave, but when I see the other person appearing in front of you in a well-dressed manner, you don’t want to leave him again. Maybe this kind of vanity of beauty will hurt you.


You are not easy to be confused by surface phenomena, but you are also attracted by people who are flexible and always do better than others, especially girls who are easy to learn and therefore like older and learned people.Man, but you have to distinguish whether this is worship or really like it. Moreover, you also have to learn to distinguish whether they are really talented or just half-bottles of water.

25 Dec

The medicinal value and application of gardenia

The medicinal value and application of gardenia

Today, I will introduce a kind of food with the same medicine and food-zongzi.

  Zi:[alias]Mu Mi (Lu Yan’s “Poetry Shu”), tree honey, Mu Yi (Cui Bao “Ancient and Modern Notes”), Bai Shi Muzi (“Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji”), honey metric (“Tai Ping”)”Ji Jizi”, Ji Hanzi’s finger (“Su Shenliang Fang”), Xun (“Xun Ya”), back Hongzi, Jianqiang (“Zhu Zi Daquan”), Gua Zi (“Saving Waste Materia Medica”), TianVine, Huanyang Vine (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”), Wood Coral, Chicken Paw, Chicken Orange, Kelly, Cao Gong’s Claw, Acanthus (“Outline”), Bai Shizao (“Medical Forest Compendium”), WanshouFruit (“Drug Production Identification”), Chicken Claw Pear, Sweet Midnight, Dragon Claw (“Chinese Tree Taxonomy”), Bi Jiuzi (“Guangzhou Flora”), Golden Hook, Jujube (“Jiangsu Phytopharmaceutics”), Chicken feet fruit (“Nanning Drug Journal”), Chinese jujube (“Chinese Medicine Journal”), turn button.

  [Medicinal parts]Fruits or seeds with succulent fruit stalks of the plant of the Rhamnaceae family.

  [Composition]Fruit contains a lot of glucose and calcium malate.

  [Indications]Treatment of drunkenness, irritability, thirst, vomiting, and other disadvantages.

  ① “Jing Chu’s Chronicle”: “Believe poison.

“②” Tang Bencao “:” The main character is windy, and the lower abdomen is anxious.

“③” Compendium of Materia Medica “:” Thirst quenching and removing annoyance, moisten the internal organs, facilitate bowel movements, remove heat, and function as honey.

“④” Southern Yunnan Materia Medica “:” Cure all left paralysis, right paralysis, rheumatism and numbness, can detoxify alcohol; or drink wine, can also relax the muscles.

Pediatric clothing, worms, spleen.

“⑤” Draft of South Yunnan “:” Buzhong Yiqi.

The phlegm fire is closed in the chest, which can be solved with this.

“⑥” Outline “:” Relieving vomiting.

“[Usage and dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 3?
5 money; dipping or pill.

  [Selection method]① Treatment of multiple drinking alcohol, steaming for hot heat, dryness of the five internal organs, bloody weeping and urine, flickering muscles, special cold and cold syrup: mules and musk, money for musk.

  For the end, batter pills, such as Wuzi big.

Take thirty pills per serving and swallow the hollow salt soup.

(“Shi Yi De Xiao Fang, Qi Qi Zi Wan”) ② Excessive wine coloring, spitting blood after work: four or two abduction of jujube, one red sugar cane.

  ③ rule children convulsions: 枳 椇 fruit one or two.


  ④ treatment of hand and foot tremor: capsules five dollars, four horses and five dollars, snake berries five dollars.

  ⑤ Governance of children Huang Shou: 枳 椇 fruit one or two.

(③ “Hunan Medicine Journal” is listed below)[Should be avoided]”To be matched with herbal medicine”: “Spleen and stomach deficiency should be replaced.

“Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone know Xunzi.