15 Feb

How to clean the navel eyes

How to clean the navel eyes

A recent study by American scientists found that the human navel is a bacterial den, which contains about 1,400 kinds of bacteria.

God, we can find ways to stay away from the dust parasites, but what should these bacteria carry on the body?

  Are there really bacteria in the navel?

  A recent study by American scientists found that the human navel is a bacterial den, which contains about 1,400 kinds of bacteria.
80% of these bacteria have been confirmed, they come from 40 common bacterial parasites, mainly harmless skin bacterial bacteria.

In addition, the number of bacteria in the navel varies depending on how often the owner cleans the navel.

  It is understood that this study was conducted by the Navel Biodiversity Project Group of the University of North Carolina, and a total of 662 unknown bacteria were found.

Science writer Carl Zemmer is one of the “samples”-there are at least 53 different bacteria parasitic in his navel, some of which have a surprising source.

Some of the bacteria found in my navel are found only in the ocean, such as Mari-monas; there is also a bacteria called Georgenia, which was only found in Japanese soil by scientists before me.

“The researchers said,” In our daily life, we rarely notice the presence of the navel, and very few people clean the bacteria often, which provides an excellent opportunity for bacteria to survive. ”

The discovery could lead people to spend more time cleaning their navels.

  Where does the navel eye come from to the belly?

  In order for the fetus to grow and develop in the mother’s abdomen, it must constantly take in nutrients and oxygen from the mother.

However, in the mother’s abdomen, the fetus has a mouth that cannot eat, and a nose that cannot breathe. Everything needed for a new life during the pregnancy can only be absorbed by the placenta on the mother’s body and transported into the body through the umbilical cord.

After the baby fell to the ground, the placenta and umbilical cord lost their attribution and fulfilled their historical mission, so the doctor cut them from their bodies.

Since there are no painful nerves on the umbilical cord, most will not feel pain.

The remaining part will be replaced automatically after a few days, and a small navel eye will always be left on the person.

  After birth, the navel is still useful. Human internal organs can get part of the oxygen through the navel.

Constipation can occur if you stick the belly button with tape.

  Called from Chinese medicine, the navel, umbilicus, commonly known as the navel eye, and traditional Chinese medicine is called the “shen”.

  Observe the navel from the umbilical secretions for abnormal signs. Pay attention to the navel secretions.

Normal people’s navel skin is moist and no abnormal secretion.

If there is pus, mucus, or stool-like secretions in the umbilicus, there are complications in the umbilicus or abdominal organs.

  ● Pus-like secretions: The umbilical area of the newborn is red and swollen, and there is exudation of pus. Most of the umbilical cord stumps should be properly disinfected after birth and caused by infection.

Umbilitis must be treated in a timely manner, usually with topical anti-inflammatory drugs, which can be cured within a few days, otherwise it will develop into sepsis.

  Exudation is also seen in adult umbilical infections.

Those who are obese, or who don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of the umbilical, so that the dirt and sebum secretions form a hard umbilical stone, abrasions and secondary bacterial infection.

Local navel swelling and erosion, purulent discharge, foul odor.

External antibiotic ointment is effective.

  ● Mucus purulent secretions: Acquired abdominal wall and bladder canal formation. Mucus or pus can often be replaced in the navel.

This is due to complications of the abdominal organs, such as acute cholecystitis, tuberculous peritonitis, ductal cancer, etc. After the invasion spreads to the abdominal wall, it will naturally rupture and form a sinus, and mucopurulent secretions emerge from the sinus.

Since the sinus tract often occurs in the weakest umbilical part of the abdominal wall, it is also called acquired umbilical sac.

  ● Fecal-like secretions: The yolk duct is a tube that connects the yolk sac and the interconnection during the period of hypertension. Normally, the yolk duct is locked into a string after 2 months of birth and gradually disappears.

However, a small number of people remained afterwards, so they saw a bright red mucous membrane protruding from the umbilical foramen, and there was interrupted venting or stool-like substances. This is the yolk tube bag and requires surgery.

  Can the navel eye mud be removed?

  The navel is the trace of the umbilical cord that connects the fetus to the mother. As part of the human prostate organs, the navel is more closely linked to the skin and abdominal cavity than elsewhere in the abdomen.

Therefore, improper washing methods cause irritation of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity (mainly the small intestine), causing discomfort in the digestive system, that is, stomach pain.

  Therefore, the mud in the navel is not to be washed, otherwise it should be kept clean.However, the method of washing the navel is more elaborate. It can’t be as hard as rubbing the bathtub and snot, or you should use a soft cotton swab or something to dip it in the bath.

  How to take care of the umbilical part Pay attention to the hygiene of the umbilical part. Pay attention to preventing the “wind”. The umbilical area is the gastrointestinal part, which is easy to get cold, so you should prevent the umbilical part from getting cold.

It is better not to wear exposed umbilical cords in the morning, late weather or cooler or rainy weather. It is better not to wear exposed umbilical cords when riding bicycles or bicycles. Cover your belly with a thin object or use an umbilical cord when sleeping.

  Prevent accidental injury to the umbilicus. The umbilical area is exposed. Because of the protection of clothing, it is often vulnerable to accidental injuries, such as burns, abrasions, and scratches.

Therefore, be careful in your daily life or work.

  Try not to decorate the MMs who are greedy and beautiful. They often feel that wearing an umbilical dress is not enough to attract eyeballs. They like to paste patterns on the umbilicus, and even permanent decorations.

However, this will cause certain health risks.

Because the sticker will impact the skin’s excretory function, it may cause skin diseases such as eczema, sweat rash: the pigments of the ornaments often contain some chemical components that are harmful to the body, such as the ornaments in the business place, multiple needles may also spread infectious diseases.

So be cautious when carrying out decoration.

  Interesting facts about the navel: 1. For women, the close connection between the navel nerve and the clitoris is also an important excitement. Many women have a strong reaction to the navel kiss and caress.

  2. In the fashion industry, women’s navel has always been the most ambiguous and open element of visual performance.

That’s why there is a popular navel outfit, and even beauty lovers wear a navel ring on the navel.

  3. In terms of the golden section of the human body, the navel is an important visual mark of the female body.

It is also a symbol of sexy!

  4. On those full-bodied people, the shape of the navel is almost round, but on thin people, the navel looks more like a vertical crack.

A survey of works of art shows that the obesity of ancient women is generally more than that of modern women. Among them, those who have round navels account for 92%; similar surveys of modern photography models show thatNavel-shaped people only account for 54% of the total, so today, with thinness as the beauty, women are almost six times more likely to have a vertical navel than before.

  Tip: If your stomach hurts, motion sickness, etc., just apply a little white flower oil to your belly button.

09 Feb

Test your love problems

Test your love problems

No one is perfect, no matter in life, career or love, there will always be some problems.

Today’s test will help you find out what is wrong with love.

  Translation: If he is just an ordinary office worker and wants to give you a gift on your birthday, as long as you speak, he promises everything, and you will ask him to give you?

  A, almost equal to all his saved cars or jewelry.

  B, which is equivalent to his famous brand bag with a salary of half a month to a month.

  C, he won’t frown on practical small appliances or daily necessities for the price.

  D, try to pick a cheap gift or ask him to have a meal.

  E, tell him, as long as you love me, I don’t want anything.

  Looking at result A, it is almost equal to all his stored cars or jewelry.

  The reason why you are so cruel is because you have been hurt by love and you no longer believe in love.

Think of ways to heal your inner scars first, otherwise you will feel empty no matter how you fall in love.

  B, which is equivalent to his famous brand bag with a salary of half a month to a month.

  You are a person who knows and enjoys life. You are very romantic, but you don’t want to be a poor couple, because the quality of life still depends on money.

If he makes you think that your future will not be better than the present, it will be difficult for you to talk about love.

  C, he won’t frown on practical small appliances or daily necessities for the price.

  You always fall in love for the purpose of getting married.

If you feel that there will be no results in the future, you don’t want to continue investing in your feelings.

You are a good person, but definitely not a romantic lover.

  D, try to pick a cheap gift or ask him to have a meal.

  You are also immersed in dream love, love is supreme, and is a personal partner.

You are very traditional. You are a person who does not want friends when you have a lover.

When in love, you always think about the other person, but when you break up, you always blame yourself for paying too much.

  E, tell him, as long as you love me, I don’t want anything.

  People who want nothing at all are the hardest to resist rhetoric.

Although you don’t have to say anything, when your relationship is stable, you are the most difficult to please.

He never knows how to please you.

04 Feb

Some breast milk replacement poses make babies happier at first_1

Some breast milk alternative poses make babies happier initially

Breast milk is the best food for babies, so mothers must feed babies with breast milk.

How to breastfeed is a question that every mother needs to care about. Experts point out that the correct breastfeeding position is good for both the baby and the mother. Both the baby and the mother can feel very comfortable and the baby can also eat.

Improper breastfeeding position, the mother will soon feel back pain, and the baby will feel uncomfortable.

  Basically, the position of breastfeeding is different. Mothers can change their breastfeeding positions in different positions: cradle type, olive type (embracing type), cross type, and sideways type.

  Cradle style This is the most traditional posture.

Support the baby’s head with a broken arm in one hand, and the other hand on the breast, areola.

Put a cushion under your baby to make breastfeeding easier.

  The cross-type refers to the cradle-type posture, tilting the baby’s body slightly, so that when the baby is feeding, the angle of the mouth will change and it will be easier to suckle.

  Rugby-style (embracing) This breastfeeding position is especially suitable for mothers who have a cesarean section, which can prevent the baby from pressing on the mother’s abdominal surgery site.

Breasts are large, and mothers who are too small or twins are also suitable.

Just like holding a football under the arm, hold the baby’s legs with the arm under the armpit on the side of the body. The baby’s upper body is in a semi-seated position facing the mother’s chest. Use a pillow to properly raise the baby and hold the baby by the palmOn the head, the other finger was attached to the nipple and areola in an “eight figure”.

  The side-lying position is suitable for breastfeeding at night, with the body lying on its side and a pillow under the head.

The baby is facing side to side with the mother, and the belly is close together.

In order to ensure that the baby and the mother are close together, it is best to use a small pillow on the back of the baby.

  Frequently changing the position of holding the baby to feed can not only dredge the breasts, but also ease the fixed position of the mother’s arm, so as to avoid excessive soreness.

When the child is half-eaten with milk, change his arm, take a short break, and at the same time pat the child in front of him for a nap.

First of all, it is advisable for your child to breastfeed for about 20 minutes at a time, and it is best not to exceed 30 minutes.

That way of letting the child sleep with his nipples is harmful and undesirable.

  The above introduces several postures that are conducive to breastfeeding. Mothers who are breastfeeding their babies can try the above methods and then find the posture that is most suitable for them and their baby.

Only in this way can the baby eat happily and the mother feed comfortably.

28 Jan

Aerobic boxing to make your waist and abdomen no longer plump

Aerobic boxing to make your waist and abdomen no longer plump

Aerobics popular in the United States, sports medical experts believe that this type of exercise combined with basic actions of beating, Tai Chi, and Taekwondo is not only a large amount of exercise, but also relieves physical and mental stress, which is suitable for modern people.

  This aerobic exercise that matches the rhythm of music with fists and kicks, because of the instantaneous explosive power, the proportion of limbs is large, and the amount of exercise is more than that of traditional aerobics. Jumping for 15 to 20 minutes is equivalent to about 30 minutes.Oxygen dance can consume at least two or three hundred calories. For young people who want to lose weight, it can be said to be an effective “slimming” exercise.

However, the human body must be in aerobic metabolism during exercise. The simple reflection of the human body is normal breathing without dizziness. It can also be measured by pulse: the heart rate per minute is 220 seconds and the actual age is multiplied by 60% to 80%Optimal cardio training status.

  In addition, boxing kicks and kicks also help relieve stress.

Modern people are generally under high work pressure, and sometimes it is inevitable to want to “thrill people”. This aerobic exercise requires the abdominal muscles to contract and yell when they punch out.Boxing and yelling are all good ways to relieve your emotions.

This way to vent your emotions and consume a moderate amount of energy, it is no wonder that many people who skip “fighting exercises” say that it is really pleasant.

If office workers want to try, they must pay attention to the use of sheaths at elbows, fractures, toes and other joints to protect tendons and ligaments and avoid strains.

In addition, warm up for 10 minutes before exercise to relax the joints and muscles before starting to punch.

If you notice muscle soreness after exercise, it is best to apply ice immediately.

So if you have a violent friend, this is the best move.

But it should be noted that: 1.

Although you can imagine an imaginary enemy when doing boxing, don’t be too resentful and your body is tight, or punches and kicks are too hard.

The body is relaxed during exercise, even if a hand punches, it will drive the waist movement.


During exercise, do not lock your elbows and joints, and do the same when kicking. Do n’t stretch too tightly to keep fit without harm.


Kickboxing exercise intensity. If hypoglycemia occurs, take a break before deciding whether to continue.


If you have any of the following situations, you can stop practicing: fatigued legs, painful discomfort in the body, dizziness, and excessive heart rate.

  Well, start your next beautiful sport from now on!

20 Jan

Can I make a mask with a mask paper?

Can I make a mask with a mask paper?

Do you know that using facial masks to make facial masks is good for facial skin?

After all, there are many types of mask paper in society, and it has nothing to do with brands or materials. They all have different characteristics. In doing so, today I will give you a brief introduction about using mask paper to make masks.The question of whether the face is good or not, let’s take a look at it through Xiaobian!

  Would you like to use a mask paper for a facial mask? 1. Would you like to use a mask paper for a facial mask?

It’s easy, convenient, and affordable to make a mask with mask paper.

Many girls use mask paper when they DIY a mask at home. Choosing a high-quality mask paper will not harm the skin, but also help skin care products to be better absorbed by the skin.

So as long as you choose a good mask paper, it is very beneficial for skin care.

  2. How to choose mask paper with ultra-transparent feather and velvet mask paper.

This mask paper uses imported feather and suede, which is very delicate and soft, and very breathable. It fits the skin very well. The cotton wool material absorbs well, and it can help the maintenance essence to be fully released during application.Ship quickly to the tendon.

  Multi-layer skin-friendly water film.

The biggest feature of this mask paper is that it has a good water retention. The middle layer is a super water-retaining layer, which can absorb the essence and quickly spread to the skin, so that the maintenance effect is upgraded to another level.

The dense structure treatment can better fit the skin.

  Compress mask paper.

The advantage of compressed facial mask paper is that it is small in size, easy to carry, and will naturally swell in liquid, convenient and beautiful.

You only need to fully soak the compressed facial mask with exciting lotion or DIY skin care products to turn it into a full-featured facial mask.

  Selection method: Density: Choose a thicker mask paper.

Thicker masking paper can relatively lock the essence or nutrients.

Too light means the mask is relatively thin.

Material: The material of the mask paper will directly affect the comfort of use. The mask of the natural mask is a very popular material in the past two years, which can fully absorb the moisturizing essence.

  3, how long it takes to compress the mask depends on the material and the time it takes to soak.

The material of the compression mask is divided into non-woven fabric, pure cotton, rayon and so on. Different materials have a certain difference in water absorption and speed.

Among them, the water absorption speed is accelerated by man-made fibers, then by non-woven fabrics, and finally by cotton materials.

So we can do this. The longest soaking time is the compressed facial mask of pure cotton material, then the non-woven fabric, and finally the compressed facial mask of artificial fiber.

  The specific soaking time of the compressed mask.

The compressed mask of artificial fiber needs to be soaked for about 30 seconds; the compressed mask of non-woven fabric needs to be soaked for about 1 minute; the compressed mask of pure cotton needs to be soaked for 2-5 minutes.

  What to do if the compressed mask does not foam by itself.

The instructions on the back of most compressed facial masks say that you can wait for the foam to spread out before you can use it.

However, for example, it is difficult for cotton compression masks to absorb and stretch on their own. At this time, you need to stretch the compression mask properly to make the nutrient solution more fully absorbed.

  Incorrect usage of masking paper1, the whole masking paper as a whole is generally oversized and unacceptable, but if you cut a few small openings after foaming, or divide the masking paper into two, use itWill be a lot of people.

  2. Makeup water bubble mask paper is slightly sticky. Moisturizing lotion is more suitable for foaming mask, but if you use a refreshing, fast-evaporating lotion, your mask will be dry within 15 minutes., I did n’t say that the lotion was wasted, and the effect was not achieved.

  3, bubble mask time is too short like to use a compressed mask paper like coins?

If the foaming time is too short, it means that the wrinkles of the compressed mask paper have not been fully unrolled and have been applied to the wooden board.

The time to soak the mask paper should not be shorter than 1 minute, so that it slowly expands naturally.

  4. Select the mask paper made of food-grade pure water, the algae content in the filtered water will be high, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

  5. If you will be allergic to applying the face sometimes, you may wish to inspect the masking paper.

Soak the mask paper in pure water and apply it on the face. If there is still an allergy, it is a problem with the mask paper.

13 Jan

Be an outsider for the children of the college entrance examination

Be an “outsider” for the children of the college entrance examination

If there is a college entrance examination candidate in your home, these two days are bound to be busy, but don’t go to work too hard, in order to prevent the candidates from “chaotic”.
  I. Seek the opinions of children more. As parents, some want to take their children to the examination room from the perspective of security.
Pick it up, worry about your child’s unhappiness, don’t pick it up, and feel restless again and again.
At this time, listen to your child ‘s opinion. If the child asks you to pick up and drop off, you will gladly go; the child says no, but you are not assured of safety or something. You can follow and wait beside it, but it is best not to let the child noticeSo as not to affect the child’s mood.
  二、做好后勤少提考试  考试是孩子的事情,家长再着急都是干着急,与其自己在考场外急得团团转,还不如先去给孩子准备好饭菜、水果,等孩子快下考场你再You can also pick it up.
In addition, during the test, it is best not to mention the test-related matters, and try to give the child a comfortable and quiet environment.
  Third, chattering and writing on the wall are not advisable. Some parents like to ask questions about everything, “Is the language question difficult?
“”how are you feeling?
“” What is the composition?
How did you write it?
What’s the title?
“and many more.
Some parents are even more direct: “How many points do you feel you can get?
“Actually, experts and teachers reminded that after each college entrance examination, smart parents will not chatter with the children who have just finished the exam. They will do their own thing as usual, and will not overly interfere with what the child should do.Nothing should be done.
And the kind of parents who break the casserole and ask the end is even more terrible.
Students often reported that parents asked for work one month in advance for their school entrance exams, and their mothers were dedicated to serve them at home, which made them very stressed and feared that they would let their parents down.
  But there are also other types of parents. The child does not seem to have any relationship with himself. What he should do or do not care about his child’s test.
This will make children feel insignificant in their parents’ hearts, greatly hurt their self-esteem and affect their normal performance.
  四、闭门谢客气氛和谐  一些做生意的考生家长,这几天应该闭门谢客,轻易不要让客人到家里来,自己也最好节制一下,暂时不要应酬喝酒,如果这时家长喝多了酒Getting home drunk drunk will inevitably make your child’s mood fluctuate.
If parents quarrel with each other because of drinking, it will definitely affect the child’s normal rest.
Therefore, it is recommended that parents, no matter how busy they are, they should free up these days, not to accompany their children during these days, but to help them complete the college entrance examination.
  5. Say “No” to answers on the Internet. From past experience, on the first day of the exam, some people distributed answers on the Internet.
Parents must not believe in these answers, nor should they bother to answer them, let alone give them the answer to the child to remember something. This can only be counterproductive and prevent the child from investing in the next day’s examination with a stable attitude.
The test took two days. Parents no longer need to bear it. Besides, the answers on the Internet are not very accurate. Rather than letting the authoritative answers make the child careless, it is better to support the child’s test practically. After two days, watch the authority’s announcementExam answers.
  六、抑制自己的紧张情绪  有些孩子感觉自己没有考好,情绪容易写在脸上,这时家长千万要鼓励,但方法要巧妙,不能直接说这次没考好,咱们再补习之类的话.
First of all, parents should control their emotions. Never stab the child with words. They should try to stay as peaceful as possible. Use a smiling face to talk to the child, guide the child correctly, and let him restore confidence in himself as soon as possible. ButCommunication should not be too long.

07 Jan

Three steps to bring you the perfect chest muscles

Three steps to bring you the perfect chest muscles

Although we have already entered the high-tech era, most people still use the Stone Age method to exercise their chest muscles.

To modernize your training methods, we have summarized three rules.

Should I try it?

  One, mixed exercise choose flat or inclined plate press, they can help you lift the weight of the size.

As a result, your muscles will become more tense, and it also means that your muscles are growing.

  Second, step by step endurance choose one or two methods of training the pectoral muscles, and the other method is two sets.

Increase the weight of the exercise, or increase the number of fitness exercises.

  Third, the safest and most effective way to improve the stability of the shoulder is to raise and lower the scapula.

Balanced press, seated rowing and pull-up exercises, the head increases the telescopic ability of the shoulders.

  One of the three major peculiarities of pectoral muscle training is that you should not want to have perfect black hair by reproducing your gains in front of the butterfly machine.

Your wish will not be fulfilled unless you insist on the most important exercises: dumbbells, swash presses, barbell presses, support exercises and push-ups.

  Second, the weight of the exercise is too large. To make steady progress, you need to add the minimum weight you can bear in each exercise (in most gyms, this weight means two pieces of 2).

5 pounds (1.

1Kg) of iron, ie an additional 5 pounds of weight).

  Third, when the low-quality swash plate is pushed down, make sure that your elbows are close to your body parts.

And let the lever be attached to your sternum (this method is particularly effective for people with a wingspan implant).

04 Jan

Yoga abdomen breathing cleansing body detoxification and slimming

Yoga abdomen breathing cleansing body detoxification and slimming

Everyone can breathe.

However, people usually breathe too superficially and not deep enough. Our lungs only use 1/3. If a person always breathes superficially, his body and blood will lack oxygen, which will cause headaches and fatigue.The brain is unresponsive.

  Yoga breathing is a complete abdominal breathing by the movement of the abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles and diaphragm. This breathing is uniform, slow and deep.

To provide more oxygen to various organs of the body in order to keep our heart and lungs functioning well, we must learn yoga breathing.

  There are 4 basic breathing methods of yoga: abdominal breathing, chest breathing, complete breathing and single nostril clearing meridian breathing.

These types of breathing are all done through the nostrils.

  The inspiratory intercostal muscles expand and the diaphragm is lowered, and the lungs increase in volume, pushing air into the lungs.

  The exhaled diaphragm increases and the lungs become smaller, expelling air from the lungs.

  1 Abdominal breathing method: Lie on your back, put your hands on the abdomen, inhale slowly, relax the abdomen, feel the air is drawn towards the abdomen, the hand can feel the abdomen rise, in fact, the diaphragm is lowered,Press the air into the lungs to rupture. When exhaling, slowly contract the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm is raised, and the air is expelled from the lungs.

  2 chest breathing method: sit cross-legged, straight back, hands on the rib bones, inhale slowly, while both hands feel the ribs expand and expand and lift upwards, experience the ribs move down and close together.

  3 Full breathing method: sit cross-legged, with one hand on the abdomen and one hand on the ribs, slowly inhale, and feel that the abdomen slowly bulges. Let the air fill the lower half of the lung first, and then fill the air with the upperHalf, now the air fills every corner of the lungs, you have inhaled to the maximum capacity of your lungs, and then slowly exhale, first relax the upper chest, then relax the lower chest and abdomen, and finally contract the abdominal muscles,Exhale completely.

  Effect: This is a correct and natural breathing performed by combining abdominal and chest breathing.

After a few exercises, you will be able to use this breathing technique freely and use it in your daily and yoga practice.

It not only supplements the inhaled oxygen to various organs of the body, but also strengthens the abdominal muscles, which can actually relieve and calm us.

  4Single nostril clearing meridian breathing practice: sit cross-legged, support knees with left hand, right middle finger, index finger against eyebrow, thumb and ring finger on top and bottom of nose, press thumb on right nostril, use left nostril only long, slowlyFully breathe 5 times, then close your eyes properly, and carefully experience the movement in the body, and evenly and gently breathe in. After you finish, release your thumbs, press your ring finger on the left nostril, and slowly use your right nostril.5 yoga breathes completely.

Repeat 5-10 rounds.

  Note: Inhale and exhale approximately.

When breathing in and out of your nostrils, do not make a sound.

If you have rhinitis or a cold, do not do this breathing exercise.

  Effect: Provides excess oxygen supply to the body, expels carbon dioxide and stale lungs, clears the “obstacles” in the meridian system and makes the meridians unobstructed.

Strengthen the function of upper respiratory tract, prevent rhinitis and cold.

30 Dec

Training your baby’s sense of orientation is just five mini games!

Training your baby’s sense of orientation is just five mini games!

1. Organizing the items should allow the baby to play with the toy by itself and return it to its original position.

The completion of this task requires parents and mothers to use the correct language to remind them that some “remember the ‘home’ of the small animals in the zoo is at the bottom of the closet next to the door”.

Only when babies hear canonical, detailed descriptions can they learn these words.

     You can play a game with your baby called “I am a scout”. This game requires your baby to be familiar with the location and names of the surrounding objects.

  2. Hidden cats consciously create “equipment” for children to hide, large boxes that some children can drill into, and so on.

    When you walk around and hit them, there should be a “live report” of where you went, including of course where you found them.

  3. Build a “highway” Find an open space, and build a highway with your baby between several points, as a small puppet’s house, and build a highway between the garage and the supermarket.

They can all be made of wood or plastic.

  Ask your baby to describe the path the puppet needs to go from one place to another.

  Add some stops, some say traffic lights or zebra crossings, to increase your baby’s vocabulary, and some tasks are more complicated.

Use some short sentences, some “take the zebra crossing across the road” and “turn left at the traffic lights”, etc.

To keep the task brief, ask your baby to describe different routes when using different advances.

  4. Describe the room layout Baby can learn a lot of orientation knowledge by drawing a map.

    On a large piece of paper, ask your baby to draw the walls of the room and mark the locations of the windows and doors.

    Have your baby cut out different colored, shaped pieces of sticky paper to represent different areas of the room, such as a reading corner stand, and stick these small pieces of paper to a large piece of paper.

    Encourage him to make a more accurate indoor map.

This will be a good start for your baby to understand the process of drawing an area.

    The baby can then introduce the interior furnishings of his own small bedroom in a similar way.

  5. Draw a map Use storytelling to motivate your baby to re-lay out the map and read a story, such as “a little parcel”.

His life began in a frying pan in the granny’s attic.

He jumped from the frying pan to the floor, slipped out of the kitchen, ran out of the door, and then ran off the path.

He looked around the garden and saw a gardener working.

Then he ran into the field and saw a cow and a horse.

Because all the animals and people were chasing him, he jumped into a deep river, and a fox rescued him.

     When you tell a story, encourage your baby to participate in your description. You can repeat this famous dialogue: “Run, run, you can run as fast as you can, but you can’t catch me,I’m the little secretary.

“The baby asked the baby to draw a picture to show the sequence of events.

When he describes where each incident happened, you need to describe it correctly and correctly.

21 Dec

Contraindications to multi-disease diet

Contraindications to multi-disease diet

TCM has accumulated a lot of experience in diet taboos during illness, commonly known as taboos, and has systematic theoretical guidance.

According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the ancient doctors summarized the foods that were not eaten during the illness into the following categories: 1.

Cold foods: cold drinks, cold foods, a large number of raw food vegetables and fruits, etc., are forbidden for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency diarrhea.


Sticky food: glutinous rice, barley, wheat and other rice noodles, etc., are spleen deficiency, loss of appetite, indigestion, or exogenous patients from the beginning.


Greasy foods: soy sauce, fatty meat, fried foods, dairy products (milk, butter, yogurt), etc., are forbidden by patients with loss of appetite or sputum.


Fishy foods: sea fish, scaleless fish (flat fish, croaker, ribbon fish, flounder, catfish, loach, catfish, etc.), shrimp, crab, seafood (scallop, mussel, abalone, etc.), lamb, dog, venisonWait.

For patients with exogenous wind fever, respiratory fever, skin, rash, sores, ulcers and other skin diseases.


Spicy food: onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, chives, wine, tobacco, etc., are taboo for patients with internal fever.


Hair foods: Foods that can cause recurrence of old diseases and increase weight of new diseases.

In addition to the fishy, coriander, spicy and other foods mentioned above, there are some special foods, such as buckwheat, bean sprouts, alfalfa, goose, chicken head, duck head, pig head, donkey head meat and so on.

For acute, hypertensive and skin diseases.