30 Nov

This method of moisturizing and nourishing the lungs in summer is very effective.


This method of moisturizing and nourishing the lungs in summer is very effective.

The method of moisturizing and nourishing the lungs in summer is very effective. Because the weather is hot in the summer, everyone will always feel hot and dry in the daily life, and if the fire in the body is relatively large, it will cause damage to the lungs.

Therefore, Xiaobian is here today to introduce some methods to moisturize and nourish the lungs, so that you can become very healthy in the summer.

How to moisturize and raise lungs in summer 1 , remove summer heat For those who are working for a long time, you will encounter such a situation during this period, that is because the temperature is relatively high, which leads to the temperature of the body.With it, if the speed of the body is not released, it is likely to cause a lot of fire in the body. If the situation is serious, it may even cause heat stroke.

Therefore, when you are on the body, you must pay attention to cooling the body, bring some ice water with you, or wear a top visor, to the maximum extent to prevent the body temperature from rising, thus avoiding physical injury.

There is also a lot of green bean soup in the daily life. Mung beans are a very good food for heat and fire. Everyone should eat it regularly, so that they can help you to maintain your body and relieve the heat.

If you are not careful about heat stroke, Xiaobian teaches you a way to apply ice packs to your forehead, which will help you cool your body and relieve the symptoms of heat stroke.

2, eat lung food food in the summer to eat some lungs food, for the maintenance of the lungs, the benefits are more, like white fungus, lily, radish and other food, everyone in the summer when the right amountEating some can increase the vitality of the lungs, thus promoting better metabolism of the lungs and preventing damage to the lungs due to the greater fire in the body.

In the summer, the most common thing that everyone can do to hurt the lungs is to eat too much cold drink.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the most important thing to pay attention to is to pay attention to two points. The first is to eat less spicy food. The second is to eat too cold or extra food, so as to maintain the health of the lungs.

If you eat a lot of cold drinks in the summer, then the body will be colder, which will reflect the lungs and cause damage to the lungs.

Therefore, for the sake of your own health, you must pay attention to controlling the absorption of cold drinks in the future, so that it will not harm everyone’s health.

3, massage If there is a certain way to effectively ensure the health of everyone, then the massage is the best way, it will not cause any substitution to the body, but also can effectively help everyone to maintainbody.
So if you want to raise your lungs and go to the fire in the summer, what is better?

Xiaobian tells everyone that massage Hegu is a good way to help everyone maintain their body.

This acupuncture point is very easy to find. It is located in the vicinity of the tiger’s mouth in everyone’s hand. You can massage this acupuncture point for a while as long as you have time. It is very convenient.

This acupoint is located in the Yangming large intestine, and everyone needs to know that the large intestine and the lungs are mutually reactive. If the large intestine is raised, the lungs can be good.

Therefore, everyone can properly massage this acupuncture point in daily life. For the maintenance of the body, the benefits are really very much, so that it can effectively help everyone to maintain the body and remove the heat.

Things to pay attention to In the summer, in addition to the above mentioned methods, there are some things in the daily life that need everyone’s attention, in order to better maintain the body.

1, bitter to eat in moderation in the summer when it comes to heat to the fire, many people think of the first thing is to eat bitter food, but Xiaobian wants to say to everyone today, the summer must bear the right amount of suffering, or else there will be counterproductiveThe role.

This is mainly because eating bitter food can effectively help everyone to strengthen their hearts. If you eat too much, it is easy to let your heart scatter, and it is easy to get upset with stomach, leading to nausea and vomiting.

2, eat a moderate amount of food in the summer, in the summer, you should eat some spicy food, this is mainly because the spicy food is beneficial to supplement the lungs, and can promote blood circulation in the body, enhance human immunity, soEveryone eats in moderation during the summer, and the benefits for body care are many.

As long as you control the amount, you can do it.

29 Nov

How should I increase my weight?

How should I increase my weight?

How to increase fat?
The diet is the most important.
To eat a healthy and reasonable diet, you should not overeating because you want to gain weight, but pay attention to eating more high-calorie food.
The so-called heat is fat, carbon hydration and matter, protein.
As long as the amount of heat entering each day is greater than the amount of energy consumed, you can gain weight, the proportion of calories: fat > carbon hydration and substances > protein.
Carbohydrates are the main energy consumed by the human body, so it is a healthy standard to have enough carbohydrates and substances to enter the body every day.
Generally speaking, honey is better. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are not only rich in nutrients, but also high in starch content. It is recommended that fatteners eat more.
銆€銆€When the function of sugar does not meet the needs of the human body, fat is decomposed and converted into sugar, so the supply of fat is also very important.
But it can’t be excessive. Fatty acids are divided into unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are not good for the human body. Unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, it is a healthy standard to consume as much unsaturated fatty acids as possible.
銆€銆€These peanuts, the seeds are very rich, and contain the zinc needed by the human body. The unsaturated fatty acids in the fish and chicken are also abundant, and the pork contains saturated fatty acids. It is recommended to eat less.
But if you really like it, you can boil it and eat it again, so that saturated fatty acids can be converted into unsaturated fatty acids.
銆€銆€In addition, we must ensure adequate protein intake every day. This is an important nutrient for human skin. If you have enough protein, you don’t have to envy other people’s skin.
So every morning you have to eat a cup of whole milk and an egg.
Eggs can’t be more than two a day, and you should eat more fruits in the summer.
You can eat more bananas, lychees, and longan, which are fruits rich in nutrients and high in calories.
銆€銆€Now, do you know how to gain weight?

28 Nov

How to adjust the cerebral palsy in children?


How to adjust the cerebral palsy in children?

Pediatric cerebral palsy is a non-progressive central motor dysfunction caused by various causes (such as infection, bleeding, trauma, etc.) within one month after birth, which may be associated with mental retardation, convulsions, auditory and visual impairment, and learning.The sequela of brain damage such as difficulty in various brain symptoms.

So how do you adjust your daily pediatric cerebral palsy?

Here are the recommended ways for Chinese medicine practitioners to effectively regulate cerebral palsy without worrying about mistakes.

Clinical manifestations of cerebral palsy in children 1. Liver and kidney deficiency: stunting, sitting, walking, raw teeth, etc. are obviously later than normal children of the same age, tendons are urgent, flexion and extension are unfavorable, temperament is acute, and tongue is red.

2, spleen and stomach weakness: limb weakness, muscle relaxation, mental retardation, mental retardation, pale, Shenpi fatigue, less food, less lip, pale tongue and thin white.

The conditioning method of cerebral palsy in children: head operation: push the bamboo and push the palace for 5-10 times, click or press 鎻?Baihui, Sishencong, wind pool, dumb door, transport the sun for 1 minute each.

The five fingers swept the entire head to the scalp with a sense of heat.

Back waist: push the Du Meridian and the double bladder, and press the Huaying Jiaji points 5-10 times from the bottom of the person.

Limbs: First use the pinch, press 鎻??

The method of relaxing the patient’s limb for 5-10 minutes, and then performing acupoint operation.

The acupoints are mainly based on the yin and yin yang.

Those who are sick in the upper limbs, take the shoulder blade, Quchi, Hand Sanli, Waiguan, Hegu and other acupoints; those who are sick in the lower limbs, take the ring jump, Chengfu, Shaoguan, Futu, Zusanli, Yanglingquan, Jiexi, etc.Acupoints.

The peritoneal membrane was pressed or rubbed, and each hole was about 1 minute.

Prevention and care of cerebral palsy in children 1. Regular prenatal examination.

2, increase nutrition, eat more residual egg, glucose, vitamins, trace elements of food.

3, do a good job of pregnancy care.

4, prevent premature birth, dystocia.

5, the population should be strengthened within one month of birth, reasonable and reasonable, to prevent intracranial infections, brain trauma and so on.

27 Nov

Tai Chi’s fitness and health benefits enhance physical function

Tai Chi’s fitness and health benefits enhance physical function

In many schools, Tai Chi is also a compulsory course, because practicing Tai Chi can keep fit, and an important role is to help alleviate the symptoms of tension headache in adults and enhance some aspects of the patient’s body.
It is a good fitness exercise.
銆€銆€The researchers organized patients with tension headaches for a 15-week Tai Chi practice.
After practice, the headache symptoms of these patients have been alleviated.
After testing the physical functions of the practitioners, the researchers found that the physical, social, and mental state of the patients also improved greatly.
銆€銆€Excessive stress and stress are one of the main causes of tension headaches.
Tai Chi is a kind of static and relaxing movement that can effectively regulate people’s physical and mental harmony.
Practicing Tai Chi can improve the function of the various organs of the body of the practitioner, enhance the body, and achieve the role of disease treatment, fitness and disease prevention.
銆€銆€Practicing Tai Chi requires calmness and concentration, and the movement needs to be complete. From the eyes to the upper limbs, torso, lower limbs, up and down care, coherent, this requires the practitioners to have good dominance and balance.
In the process of practicing Tai Chi, the central nervous system and other systems of the body can be well trained.
銆€銆€A new and easy-to-follow entertainment and fitness method is being promoted among the middle-aged and elderly people. This is the sunset beauty Tai Chi Kung Fu fan.
The sunset beauty Tai Chi Kung Fu fan is a new Taijiquan routine specially designed for the elderly fitness.
銆€銆€The beauty of Tai Chi Kung Fu fan draws the essence of Chinese traditional martial arts, melts the movements of Tai Chi and the martial arts movements of different styles, and blends the other martial arts projects with Peking Opera, dance and other movements, and the rhythm of modern song “Chinese Kung Fu”.Ingeniously combined, it is a refreshing feature of singing and dancing, fast and slow, soft and soft, lively and novel, and full of fun.
銆€銆€The person in charge of the sunset beauty pointed out that promoting the popularization of the Tai Chi Kung Fu fan in the country is part of the action of the sunset beauty care for the elderly.
As a brand specializing in elderly health services, Sunset Beauty advocates the comprehensive health of physical and psychological integration and interaction.

26 Nov

Keeping fit is not complicated!


Keeping fit is not complicated!

Although there are only simple eight movements in Ba Duan Jin, if we do it seriously, it will really make people refreshed, and the muscles will be smooth, and the effect should not be small. There is no need for equipment during the practice of Ba Duan Jin, no need for too many venues.Tai Chi is easier to learn.

Therefore, the best exercise I have done every day is Ba Duan Jin.

銆€銆€The two hands hold the heavens and the three cokes, and the left and right bows are like the carvings. The conditioning of the spleen and stomach must be carried out in a single stroke.

It is the four-style action of Ba Duan Jin.

Their role is based on disease prevention and treatment, targeting three cokes (on the heart and lungs, in the spleen and stomach, under the liver and kidney) and “five labors” (liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney) and “seven injuries””Healing, anger, worry, thinking, sorrow, fear, shock, emotional damage”.

銆€銆€Shaking his head and going to the heart of the fire, behind the seven ups and downs, the screaming anger and strength, both hands to climb the solid kidney waist.

The last four movements of Ba Duan Jin are mainly based on physical strength.

At the beginning of the practice, I did 8 to 10 times for each movement; later I became familiar with the essentials of the movement and increased the number of times, but it took only about 20 minutes for a set of actions to be completed.For people, Ba Duan Jin is a very good health care sport.

銆€銆€Practice Ba Duan Jin should be gradual and gradual. When you first learn, you can focus on 鈥渢uning鈥? that is, do a good job. Then you should gradually learn to adjust your breathing, that is, the inner 鈥渞egulation鈥? which is to further relax your body. At the highest level, it is called 鈥渢une鈥?The heart makes the mind tend to be in a state of “quietness.”

銆€銆€Ba Duan Jin’s qi and blood, the effect of the meridian vein is indeed significant, at least every time people finish doing it will feel refreshed.

25 Nov

Several methods to quickly practice the abdominal muscles


Several methods to quickly practice the abdominal muscles

Rolling belly: The weight of the belly is generally sit-up, for some friends, the word may be a bit strange, it can better stimulate the rectus abdominis, and sit-ups just stimulate the waist around.

Action essentials: lie flat on the ground, flex and bend, put your hands on both sides of the ear, tighten the abdomen to roll up.

Touching the heel: Starting the same in the belly, the difference is that the hands are open in the body, the shoulders are also lifted off the ground, like two sides rolled up, while touching their own heels.

An action with a relatively large relative intensity, arranged after the belly, can better stimulate the upper and both ends of the abdominal muscles.

Take turns to lift the legs: lying flat on the ground, the feet are slightly raised, about 5 cm above the ground, one is raised 90掳 above the ground, then the legs are exchanged, and the legs are always on the ground.

A seemingly simple movement, but the stimulation on the underside of the abdomen is very large, not the belly.

Reverse belly: Slightly start a little shortcoming, lie flat, legs close together, hands on the front and back of the body, aligned upwards and curled up, let the thighs try to close to the chest.

After the practice, I feel that the entire abdomen is burning.

Abdominal movements do not require special fancy, as long as the training is in place, abdominal muscle training should be as focused as other muscle parts, and targeted, less stimulating friends can carry weight training.

In the exercise of the abdominal muscles, the effect of adding hard squats and other squats will be more obvious.

Introduced here today, I hope that your friends will practice the charming abdominal muscles!

Please give me your favorite!

24 Nov

Cold shower water is not too hot


Cold shower water is not too hot

Core Tip: In the winter, many old people like to adjust the water temperature to a higher level when bathing, and the bath time will be consciously extended. It feels that even the body can be cleaned, and the role of warming the cold and dredging the meridian.

But this is actually a misunderstanding.

銆€銆€The most important thing for the elderly to take a bath in winter is the temperature and time of the water. Especially for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

銆€銆€Older people have poor blood vessel elasticity and weak regulation function, which is difficult to adapt to the temperature difference at baseline.

In the long-term high water temperature environment, a large amount of blood is deposited on the surface of the body. At this time, the blood flow to the heart is significantly reduced, leading to the biological organs such as the heart and brain, which are deficient in oxygen and easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

People with arteriosclerosis are more dangerous, while blood flow in the stenosis of arteriosclerosis is slow, blood coagulation, and thrombosis.

In addition, the water vapor in the winter bath room dissolves. If the bath time is too long, it may cause hypoxia in the brain, leading to cerebral hemorrhage and angina.

銆€銆€The temperature of the elderly bathing in winter should not be higher than 40 掳C, and the bathing time should be about 15 minutes. Try not to exceed half an hour.

Pay attention to the ventilation of the bath room and avoid excessive oxygen to cause oxygen deficiency.

Cerebrovascular disease with heart disease, elderly people with diabetes, it is best to eat some therapeutic drugs and the right amount of food before bathing.

If you have symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and rapid heartbeat during bathing, you should immediately lie down and rest outside, drink some hot water or sugar water, and you can recover quickly.

It is best not to lock the door when the elderly take a bath. It is better to have a family member to accompany them.

23 Nov

5 common methods for acupuncture weight loss


5 common methods for acupuncture weight loss

Relative to the commonly used acupuncture weight loss methods, the ancient Chinese medicine experts said that the following five are the most commonly used methods: First, the ear acupuncture points: mouth, esophagus, duodenum, pregnancy, endocrine, brain, stomach.

Operation: Choose 1 each time?
2 points, the needles are alternately placed in the bilateral ears, and the weekly ear pins are applied 2?
3 times, 10 times for 2 courses, and each treatment interval is 5?
7 days.

Second, the body needle < one> acupoints: the main point is Guanyuan, Sanyinjiao.

Matching points: taken according to the dialectical classification.

It belongs to the spleen deficiency wet zone: Neiguan, Moisture, Tianshu, Fenglong, Lie deficiency, Spleen.

It is a damp heat inside: Quchi, Zhigou, Daheng, Siman, Inner Court, and Abdominal.

Is a balance of imbalance: branch ditch, in the note, with pulse, blood sea, Shenshu, Taixi.

Operation: Every time the main point must be taken, and then according to the type of disease, add acupuncture points 3?

Each time the needle is kept for half an hour, once every other day, 15 times for a course of treatment, each treatment interval is 5 days.

Third, the body needle <2> acupoint: the main point is Tianshu, Zhongmu, Daheng.

Matching points: Quchi, Hegu, cream, inner court, Sanyinjiao.

Operation: Tianshu, large cross-connected electro-acupuncture instrument, and then continuously energized 15?
20 minutes, once every other day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Fourth, the acupuncture points of the acupuncture points: the shoulders are transparent to the pool, the beams are through the gates, and the beams are returned.

Operation: Select the No. 28 3-inch long awning needle for use, and needles should be placed at each hole.

Five, moxibustion acupoints: the main point is Yangchi, Sanjiao Yu.

Matching points: ground machine, life door, Sanyinjiao, big vertebrae.

Operation: Each time you select one of the main points and the matching points, use a separate moxibustion needle.

Experts said that the above methods are most common with auricular acupuncture, and the effect of auricular needle embedding is better, but if the needle is not sterilized, it will easily cause infection. The other two kinds of body stitches are similar to the auricular acupuncture.The operation is more difficult, mainly for the excessive growth of the body, and the weight reduction effect is also high.

There is also a moxibustion method that is separated from the ginger needle, and it is not easy to operate.

22 Nov

Summer solstice on the 21st: Winter disease and summer cure

Summer solstice on the 21st: “Winter disease and summer cure”

On June 21st, during the summer solstice, when the application was correct, asthma, allergic cough, allergic rhinitis, and dysentery and colds were all treatable.
銆€銆€Li Yanling, director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that “winter disease in summer” is a special treatment and a characteristic therapy in Chinese traditional Chinese medicine therapy.
It combines Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion therapy to apply drugs on the acupuncture points of the human body to invigorate the righteousness and increase the body’s resistance to disease, thus achieving the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.
At present, this method has been widely used by modern people.
銆€銆€Li Yanling explained that summer is the hottest season of the year, the human body vents, the blood tends to the surface, the skin is slack, and the pores open.
At this time, the application of drugs on the acupuncture points is easy to apply to acupoints, penetrate the skin, dredge the meridians, regulate the organs, and have a good preventive and therapeutic effect on bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic respiratory failure, repeated colds, chronic cough, rhinitis and the like.
銆€銆€Li Yanling reminded that the application of adhesive treatment, adult application time is 2-4 hours each time, children’s application time is 0.
5-1 hours.
Avoid eating seafood and cold, spicy, greasy food during the application; keep warm; acute respiratory infections, can not be applied during fever; skin should be applied to patients who are extremely sensitive to the application of drugs; special physical and skin diseases such as contact dermatitis andIt is not suitable for the application of acupuncture points on the skin where the skin is damaged. In addition, children under 2 years old, pregnant women, and those who are allergic to the tape should be used with caution.
In addition, do not extend the time after application, but also reduce exercise, try to avoid sweating, and prevent the medicine from falling off.
銆€銆€In addition to the application, “winter disease in summer” can also be adjusted with the help of diet, Li Yanling said that bone and joint pain, asthma, “old slow support”, edema, hypothyroidism, etc., if you can supplement the yang in the summer, winter timeSymptoms can be alleviated.
“You can eat more warm food, such as chicken. When you eat it, you can put it in a proper amount of ginseng or scutellaria.
At the same time, with the food of Wenyang dispels cold and water, such as sputum, shovel, and coix seed, the effect is better.