31 Jan

Common Sense: Six Things to Know About Yoga Practice

Common Sense: Six Things to Know About Yoga Practice

Yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and anyone can learn.

In addition to working in the office, there are several points to pay special attention to when practicing at a fitness club or at home: 1. There are no special regulations on the diet of the practitioner.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant.

Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal.

  2. Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It is best to do some yoga warm-ups first, step by step, to avoid being frightened.

  3. Relax as much as you can during the exercise. You can withstand a little soreness in your body, but don’t use excessive force or force action.

  4. Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Breathe intently.

Maintaining regular, deeper breathing helps your body relax.

  5. It is best to practice every day. After finishing a complete yoga movement, remember to lie down and have a rest.

  6, should be practiced in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, and do not practice under electric fans.

30 Jan

Older people cannot keep fit

Older people cannot keep fit

The various functions of the human body need to be constantly used, and they are reasonable and appropriate. This reasonable and appropriate application is an active and beneficial exercise for human functions.

Unfortunately, many people do not pay much attention to the word “moderate.”

They are often accustomed to exercise under the guidance of books, newspapers and some so-called authoritative, to develop a so-called “good habit” type of exercise.

  In fact, many “good habits” type of exercise, repeating habitual movements too much, have little oxide to balance human body function.

For example, most people learn to walk by themselves. Basically, they both stare at the road and rarely walk backwards.

This fixes the use and nourishment of the muscles, bones, muscles and other parts of the body set to achieve this function, leaving these parts in a state of tension for a long time and overloading and forming strains, and unrelated parts may not be used, or onlySuffering from joint and inadequate use, let alone exercise and nourishment, so that the blood and blood in these parts run, nerve pulses are often in a quiet state, and over time, their muscles and bones will inevitably lose their plumpness and strength.

  Similarly, some civil servants, company employees, drivers, etc. always repeat one action at work; the cervical spine, lower back, spine and other parts are easily uncomfortable or sick. This is also known as “occupational disease”. Therefore, we must consciouslyTo change, including habitual posture, movements, and mentality.

  Fitness experts warn that habitual exercise is irrelevant, and the key is not to be controlled and controlled by it for a long time, not to “start from one end,” and to indulge in it.

Or simply abandon all habits and change them, it is best to develop a habit of constantly changing your own habits, develop a “capricious”, “indeterminate” habits, so that each habit can be healthy in peopleCycle, change constantly, become a “good partner” of human health.

  In addition, changing the intensity and time of exercise is also an aspect of exercise simulation.

Each exercise uses different muscles, or uses the same parts of the muscles in different ways. Exercise vertical can make the body more healthy.

If you do long, slow exercises on the first day, you should shorten the time and increase intensity the next day.

29 Jan

Watch out for the ineffective things in life

Watch out for the “ineffective” things in life

Obviously took the medicine, but it didn’t work!
Obviously brushed his teeth, but the same as not brushed!
Obviously applied sunscreen, but still tanned!
Obviously working very hard to lose weight, but there is no effect!
You must have encountered many, many such “invalid” things.
Are they all fake and shoddy products?
Why does the same thing work at home?
Take a look at these truths, you will suddenly realize!
.hzh{display:none;}  头痛使用止痛药——无效!: Reason: Studies show that almost all headaches are caused by blood vessels and muscles, especially the tension of blood vessels.
When migraine is caused by factors such as emotional stress, drugs and alcohol, due to the contraction of blood vessels in the cerebral arteries, with each heartbeat, the arterial blood vessels will be stretched to cause pain.
Therefore, when treating headaches, the first and most effective drugs are not painkillers, but drugs that act on blood vessels.
  Using antibiotics for colds-no effect!
: Reason: Influenza is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by influenza viruses. Influenza viruses are type A, B, and C. Frequently, new subtypes are caused by mutations.
Obviously, antibiotics are not useful for flu.
  Dermatitis, pruritus hormones-ineffective!
: Reason: Because the adrenocortical hormone has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects, it has a certain effect on certain skin diseases and pruritus, but in most cases it is useless.
Long-term application may induce infection, affect growth and development, and even cause ulcers or unhealed.
  Antibiotics for diarrhea-no effect!
: Reason: Diarrhea is not caused entirely by infection. Improper diet, food allergies, changes in living rules, sudden changes in external climate, and other reasons may cause diarrhea. This type of diarrhea is not effective with antibiotics and should be treated with diet or digestive drugs.
  Dip your teeth first with water = white brush. When most people brush their teeth, they habitually wet their toothbrushes before squeezing toothpaste.
This is how journalists usually brush their teeth.
In fact, if the toothbrush is wet, it is easy to foam after squeezing toothpaste, and if there is too much foam in the mouth, people feel that they have brushed their teeth for a long time and think it is over.
At this time, the teeth were not really cleaned, so it was incorrect.
  Toothpaste is not originally used to clean teeth with foam, but by the cleaning ingredients and friction between the toothbrush and the teeth.
The finer the friction and the longer the time, the cleaner it will be.
  The toothbrush is not dipped in water. Squeeze the toothpaste and brush slowly, and gradually produce some fine foam, so that the cleaning ingredients of the toothpaste can be exerted to the maximum, and then the mouthwash will be finished.
  Random application of sunscreen = white application of sunscreen is to absorb or block ultraviolet rays, so as to protect the skin from damage, not to absorb the skin, as long as the application is thick enough and uniform enough.
  Some sunscreen formulations are not suitable for repeated rubbing, and it is not advisable to massage after application.
These sunscreens contain more powdery ingredients. After coating, a thin film will be formed on the face. Repeated rubbing tends to coagulate into particles, causing uneven application.
These sunscreens are best patted on the face rather than rubbed repeatedly.
In addition, some sunscreens have added biological sunscreens, which block or slow down tissue damage or promote post-sun repair to achieve the purpose of resisting ultraviolet radiation, which must be effective after washing the skin.
This product needs to be applied early for the sunscreen ingredients to work.
  Improper weight loss = Bai Jianmin. According to a recent report by CNN, a new study shows that for women, the benefits of cycling are not limited to physical fitness, but are more effective in maintaining body shape.
  Professor Lu Yifan from the Research Institute of Sports Medicine, Beijing Sport University reminded that although the weight loss effect of cycling is good, the posture must be correct.
Lean forward slightly, keep your arms straight as far as you can, and keep your knees facing straight ahead.
Do not stretch your legs outwards and bend over your back. This will not only affect the exercise effect, but also cause sports injuries.
Also don’t excessively pursue the action of the bicycle race. In the race, the athlete bends forward as much as possible in order to pursue fast speed and low resistance.This is not suitable for our daily exercise.

28 Jan

Aerobic boxing to make your waist and abdomen no longer plump

Aerobic boxing to make your waist and abdomen no longer plump

Aerobics popular in the United States, sports medical experts believe that this type of exercise combined with basic actions of beating, Tai Chi, and Taekwondo is not only a large amount of exercise, but also relieves physical and mental stress, which is suitable for modern people.

  This aerobic exercise that matches the rhythm of music with fists and kicks, because of the instantaneous explosive power, the proportion of limbs is large, and the amount of exercise is more than that of traditional aerobics. Jumping for 15 to 20 minutes is equivalent to about 30 minutes.Oxygen dance can consume at least two or three hundred calories. For young people who want to lose weight, it can be said to be an effective “slimming” exercise.

However, the human body must be in aerobic metabolism during exercise. The simple reflection of the human body is normal breathing without dizziness. It can also be measured by pulse: the heart rate per minute is 220 seconds and the actual age is multiplied by 60% to 80%Optimal cardio training status.

  In addition, boxing kicks and kicks also help relieve stress.

Modern people are generally under high work pressure, and sometimes it is inevitable to want to “thrill people”. This aerobic exercise requires the abdominal muscles to contract and yell when they punch out.Boxing and yelling are all good ways to relieve your emotions.

This way to vent your emotions and consume a moderate amount of energy, it is no wonder that many people who skip “fighting exercises” say that it is really pleasant.

If office workers want to try, they must pay attention to the use of sheaths at elbows, fractures, toes and other joints to protect tendons and ligaments and avoid strains.

In addition, warm up for 10 minutes before exercise to relax the joints and muscles before starting to punch.

If you notice muscle soreness after exercise, it is best to apply ice immediately.

So if you have a violent friend, this is the best move.

But it should be noted that: 1.

Although you can imagine an imaginary enemy when doing boxing, don’t be too resentful and your body is tight, or punches and kicks are too hard.

The body is relaxed during exercise, even if a hand punches, it will drive the waist movement.


During exercise, do not lock your elbows and joints, and do the same when kicking. Do n’t stretch too tightly to keep fit without harm.


Kickboxing exercise intensity. If hypoglycemia occurs, take a break before deciding whether to continue.


If you have any of the following situations, you can stop practicing: fatigued legs, painful discomfort in the body, dizziness, and excessive heart rate.

  Well, start your next beautiful sport from now on!

27 Jan

Negative impact of internet on middle school students

Negative impact of internet on middle school students

First, the status quo of the use of the Internet by middle school students The 21st century is an era of highly developed information and communications. The Internet has brought unprecedented profound changes to the entire society.

The entire state of existence of human society will undergo a fundamental change from work, study to entertainment, economics, politics, and culture.

In China, the Internet is developing very quickly.

In 1999, the number of netizens was 4 million. By 2000, this number had reached 22.5 million. By the end of 2003, the number of netizens had reached 59.1 million a year, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world.

Initially, the proportion of middle school students accessing the Internet in developing countries has remained high. According to a survey by the China Internet Network Information Center, by the end of 2002, the number of middle school students accessing the Internet there was 17.


However, due to the one-sidedness of the survey, this data does not fully represent the actual situation of some middle school students surfing the Internet. According to the author’s surveys in Guiding No.1 Middle School of Guiding County and some Internet cafes in Guiyang, this data is far better than the Internet in ChinaThe information center is high.

The author’s oral survey in Guiding Ding County No. 1 Middle School showed that among the 231 first-year senior high school students, 55 have never been online, accounting for 23 of the total.

8%; 42 people often go online, accounting for 18.

6%; 134 people occasionally go online, accounting for 57.


This shows that most middle school students are already accessing the Internet. In order to learn more about the Internet access of middle school students, the author visited some Internet cafes in Guiyang. In an Internet cafe with a business area of about 100 square meters, there are about 60 computers on the Internet.Of the more than 50 people, 25 are middle school students, accounting for more than 40% of the total population. Of the 25 middle school students who are online, 15 are playing online games, and all of them are boys. Upon inquiry, their online time isMore than 3 hours, and often absent from school due to Internet access.

Eight of the remaining 10 are chatting and 2 are browsing the web.

This can be polished, the use of the Internet by most middle school students has nothing to do with learning, and even greatly affects learning.

It can be seen that there is a very large error area in the use of the Internet by middle school students, and because of many incorrect use, the Internet has a very negative impact on the learning and life of middle school students, and many patients with “Internet mental disorders” have been caused byThe uncontrollable information on the Internet has put many middle school students on the road to crime.

This article is only from the perspective of education, on the basis of understanding the common “internet psychological disorder” of middle school students, the psychological cause of “internet psychological disorder” and how to reasonably guide middle school students to go online to comprehensively promote the development of middle school students’ mental health,It also makes the Internet a good teacher and friend for the psychological development and learning life of middle school students, and the real achievements serve the middle school students.

  Second, the common “psychological disorders” of middle school students include psychological disorders in the broad sense and psychological disorders in the narrow sense. The generalized mental disorder refers to mental abnormality.

Narrow psychological disorder refers to a type of various manifestations of psychological abnormalities, also known as psychological disorders.

The mental disorder referred to in this article is a narrow one.

The network creates a virtual space.

This space is rich and exciting, during which you can experience a kind of “virtual reality” that is extremely realistic and realistically synthesized by the computer and the Internet.

In the virtual reality, you can travel in interstellar space, or sneak in the abyss of the sea. You can be a wicked hero, or you can be a great hero.

In addition, the interconnection of networks has also created a virtual society.

In the interaction of the Internet society, you can try to play various roles at will: you can pretend to be mature and experienced, or be an innocent child; you can be a brave man, or you can be tenderMan’s little sister.

The Internet fulfills the dreams that people cannot reach in real social life and provides people with the opportunity to change roles. However, we must be vigilant that this virtual world can easily cause psychological impairment in the weak-willed.

Due to the immaturity and weak will of middle school students, they are easily seduced by the internet and cause “network mental disorder”.

“Internet psychological disorder” refers to patients who are addicted to the Internet, spend a lot of time and energy on uninterrupted chatting, playing online games and other activities on the Internet. Boots are obsessed with the Internet. Leaving the Internet will have various consequences, leading to damage to health, Cause personality disorders and nervous system disorders.

Typical manifestations are: anorexia, insomnia, apathy, low mood, sluggish thinking, apathy, loneliness, and loss of interest.

Serious people even have suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviors.

The common psychological disorders of middle school students are lonely depression, game addiction, porn addiction, and online dating.


Loneliness and depression: Interpersonal communication on the Internet is realized through human-computer dialogue. It has a lot of rich content with non-verbal symbols such as eyes, smiles, gestures, intonation, etc., and there is a lack of deep emotional communication.Defects.

For example: on the Internet, people cannot experience the joy brought by direct emotional communication in reality; human personality development and emotional needs, especially their intrinsic affinity motives, cannot be fully met.

Therefore, after long-term communication on the Internet, some people gradually lose their sensibility and tension about real life, and loneliness and apathy take advantage of them, fearing to interact with people around them.

This loneliness makes middle school students more attached to the Internet. Once they leave, they are at a loss and irritable. The entire person is in a computerized and networked state, which is prone to interpersonal emotions, social adaptability, and other phenomena.The lonely world even caused serious consequences.


Game addiction: The so-called addiction refers to an individual’s uncontrollable desire to engage in certain activities repeatedly, although at this time it will cause some bad consequences for itself or has caused itself, but it is still uncontrollable.

Game addiction is a long-term fascination with computer games, and gradually feels less focused in class, which leads to a decline in grades.Due to long-term indulgence in the game room, the rhythm of life is chaotic and vision is reduced.

Once the computer game activity is stopped, it is difficult to engage in other common things, such as low mood, slow thinking, memory loss, loss of appetite, and an unsolvable urge to play a game machine, which results in mental dependence and corresponding physiological reactions.

After resuming the operation of the computer game, the mental state returned to normal.

These behavioral characteristics have many similarities with drug addiction behaviors and are a kind of psychopathological behavior.

Therefore, it is called “electronic heroin”.

Previously, people generally thought that games could be puzzled, but recently Japanese scientists discovered that computer games stimulate only the part of the brain that is involved in vision and movement.

Can’t get the effect of real puzzle.


Porn addiction: Today’s Internet has become the largest supply channel of porn. Some porn sites often use very easy names to increase the number of visitors.

Middle school students are in adolescence, sexual physiology is developing rapidly, and sexual psychology is still in the development stage. They are full of curiosity about sexual knowledge, and the inadequate publicity methods on the Internet often enable them to obtain some unhealthy sexual knowledge and produce sex.Impulsive, due to the taboos of parents and the lack of sex education in school, the sexual knowledge education of middle school students can’t keep up with their developmental needs. In this way, the rich pornographic resources on the Internet take advantage of it, and many middle school students are obsessed with it and want to pull out.No.

As a result, some unhealthy sexual psychology and behaviors appear, which harm physical health and cause crimes, and bring about unpredictable consequences.


Online Dating: Middle school students are being restricted by society and families because of their early love in real life, but they are looking for love objects on the Internet. However, online dating is very illusory. They will be deceived if they are not careful.At the physical stage, if too much contact with the Internet, in addition to affecting learning, it is easy to form an introverted, lonely personality, impatient, impulsive, and have high hopes for online romance.

If the impact of bilateral online dating is affected, it will inevitably affect their emotions, and bring these emotions into their usual study and life, causing an indelible shadow to the mind.

  Third, the psychological cause of “Internet psychological disorder” The occurrence of “Internet psychological disorder” is inseparable from the special psychological development stage of middle school students.

Various contradictory phenomena have appeared in the development of individual psychology for middle school students, such as: the contradiction between independence and contradiction, the contradiction between lock-up and friendship intentions, the contradiction between curiosity and awareness level, the contradiction between sexual impulse and self-control, requiring understanding and difficulty for othersConflicts between ideals and reality, etc.

The Internet is a virtual and “clone” of the real society. If the above-mentioned psychology of middle school students is not properly guided and released in the real society, plus the influence of the individual’s unique personality and psychological characteristics, it may make the middle school students virtual in the network.There is no way to relieve these contradictions in society.

1.Indeed, the psychological causes of “Internet psychological disorders” are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

The role of communicative psychology under the influence of occlusion and the intention of making friends.

Middle school students are the period when individual communication is the most intense. Communication is also a necessary condition for the socialization and mental health development of middle school students. Due to psychological immaturity, lack of communication experience and communication skills, middle school students often encounter a series of psychological problems during the communication process.
The main manifestations are autism and defensive psychology, inferiority complex, fear of communication, self-centeredness, etc., which leads to the failure of communication in reality and the need for communication is not met.

And all the conditions and characteristics of interpersonal communication happened on the Internet, and because the contacts and exchanges were mainly carried out through email, online chat and online paging, the two sides of the communication avoided the pressure that must be face to face in the actual communication., And can conceal the true identity, age and even gender from the other party, and use a “virtual” “I” to communicate with the other party, so that this part of the middle school students feel that this way of communication is more casual, no pressure, not only avoidedIn reality, the tension and discomfort of communication have met the needs of communication, so I gradually enjoyed it.


The role of sexual curiosity under the contradiction of sexual impulse and self-control.

Middle school students are in the stage of sexual consciousness from germination to maturity, and are often invaded by sexual consciousness and sexual impulses.

In themselves, due to their naive psychology, weak willpower, and poor ability to resist bad information consciously; coupled with the current channels of knowledge and sexual education being blocked, they will have a deep psychological curiosity.

The Internet is full of pornographic and violent content.

According to relevant investigations, 47% of entertainment-related content on the Internet is related to pornographic content, and unlike other media-related content, certain content on the Internet is almost unlimited for any object.

This means that some middle school students are contacted intentionally or unintentionally and cannot extricate themselves, and they become patients with psychological disorders of internet pornography.

Obviously, this is not detrimental to the psychological development of middle school students in this part, but may also become an indirect cause of motivation and criminal behavior for inducing sexual crimes.


The role of the “information possession” psychology and the exploration psychology under the contradiction between the curiosity and the level of knowledge.

Middle school students have a strong thirst for knowledge, and their need for acquisition and possession is strong.

The information on the Internet is rich, intuitive, rich and diverse, and easy to understand and accept.

All this will attract middle school students who are thirsty for knowledge and make them “natural netizens.”

However, if the essence of this large amount of information cannot be distinguished, and it is easy to enter the wrong zone without accepting and occupying the area. There are two main types of “internet psychological disorders” under this mentality: one is from the dailyCollect a large amount of software that is uncertain and important, or download and learn to use appropriate software that is actually not urgently needed, try to buy goods and services from the Internet, and participate in Internet-related activities.Compulsive symptoms.

The other type has a strong desire to inquire about network technology and security, and demonstrates its ability to destroy websites and illegally enter confidential websites, thereby gaining a sense of accomplishment and becoming a network “hacker.”

This type of “Internet psychological disorder” can also lead to cyber crime.


The role of fantasy and playful psychology under the influence of ideals and reality.Middle school students who are adolescents have good fantasies, but they are apt to break away from reality and cannot see the distance between reality and fantasies, so they can’t extricate themselves from fantasy.

Computer games provide a good channel for them to perform this mentality.

Some middle school students indulge in computer games because individuals always have a “self-righteous effect” in the process of playing games. It can also be said that the “self-realization” mentality is at work.

26 Jan

Vascular dysfunction symptoms These 5 signals indicate a problem with your blood vessels

Vascular dysfunction symptoms These 5 signals indicate a problem with your blood vessels

Whether the blood vessels are unobstructed is a very important thing. In the life, the blood vessels can not easily lead to physical health damage, and may even cause death. What are the symptoms of blood vessel obstruction?

Let’s take a look at the causes of vascular intervention.

  Symptoms of vascular obstruction If you have any of the following conditions, please pay attention to it, because it is most likely caused by different blood vessels.

  First, the ideal blood pressure of the human body with abnormal blood pressure is 80-120mmHg.

Sudden rise in blood pressure to 200 / 120mmHg is a precursor to cerebral vascular embolism, and sudden drop in blood pressure to below 80 / 50mmHg is a precursor to cerebral thrombosis.

  Second, headache, dizziness, confusion, and vascular thrombosis can cause confusion. Sudden headaches, smoking, coma, drowsiness, etc., or headaches that are aggravated by coughing, are all precursors to cerebrovascular obstruction.

  Third, the continuous yawning is often a signal of large-scale cerebral thrombosis. Cerebrovascular intervention forms blood clots. The blood clots make the blood supply very slow, which can lead to unbearable yawning.

  Fourth, the legs and feet are afraid of the cold foot pulse weakening. The feet are the ends of the human body, and the blood vessels have problems. The feet often feel first.

One is that the legs and feet are afraid of cold, and the legs are easily sore when walking.

  V. Swelling of the hands or legs for unknown reasons or edema of the hands or legs. In this case, you should be alert to the formation of deep vein thrombosis in the limbs, especially the veins of the limbs have become more obvious.

  Causes of vascular tension1. Meals are large and fishy, and blood vessels are easy to block. People in their 30s and 40s often entertain outside, and the dishes in the restaurant are mostly made with “high oil, high salt, high sugar” and “rich oil red sauce”Come out, leading to more and more aunts in the blood vessels, easy to block blood vessels.

  2. Days and nights are upside down, disrupting the vascular biological clock staying up late is also a situation that is very likely to cause vascular interruption, especially some office workers in their thirties who become night staying because of work.

  From a health point of view, 11 pm to 4 or 5 am is the time to ensure the liver’s metabolic blood flow.

When you stay up late, not only yourself, but also the biological clock of the heart and brain blood vessels will be disrupted, resulting in excessive secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the body, causing blood vessels to constrict, slow blood flow, and increased viscosity.

People with long-term “black and white upside down” have twice the risk of heart disease than normal people.

  3, two packs of cigarettes a day, blood vessels are easy to “poison”. Smoking is one of the culprits that cause blood vessel failure. Even if your body is good, two packs of cigarettes a day will definitely poison the blood vessels and make them vulnerable every day.

More than 50 years of research by American scientists have shown that smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 2-3 times.

Other studies have found that smoking when staying up late causes blood viscosity to increase more than 8 times compared to normal.

  4, less exercise, more blood vessel waste, normal human skin has about 600 capillaries per square millimeter, usually only 100-200 open, more exercise can open more capillaries, promote blood microcirculation; and long-term inactivityThe garbage in the blood vessels will gradually accumulate, forming an “irregular bomb” of atherosclerotic plaque, which will affect the blood supply to the capillaries and may be detonated at any time.

  5, high blood pressure, diabetes drag on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular asymptomatic or uncontrolled hypertension, is the cause of many vascular diseases.

The risk of cerebral infarction in patients with hypertension is 4-7 times that of normal people.

The previous involvement of high blood sugar in the microvasculature will lead to major vascular complications. In people with high blood sugar, the incidence of stroke is 2-3 times higher than normal people.

  6, bad mood hurts blood vessels Swiss experts recently confirmed that mental stress can cause vascular endometrial contraction and accelerate blood vessel aging.

  What to eat through the blood vessels1, corn corn metabolism abnormality, which contains more than 60% of unsaturated fatty acids (especially linoleic acid), it helps the body’s normal metabolism of mild and high blood pressure, and can gradually reduce high blood pressure inDeposition in blood vessels, the effect of bootstrap compression to soften arterial blood vessels.

  2. Apples Apples contain flavonoids, potassium, supplements of polysaccharide acids, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients, which can break down the aunt accumulated in the body little by little, in order to prevent atherosclerotic complications and even improve symptoms,Have a better effect.

  3, eggplant eggplant has a rich reserve of vitamin P, this nutrient can enhance the elasticity of capillaries, so it has certain help to duct atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  4, tomatoes The average content of various vitamins in tomatoes is two to four times higher than apples and pears, and it also contains vitamins-rutin, which can improve the body’s oxidative capacity, eliminate body waste represented by free radicals, and maintain blood vessels.Elastic, has the effect of preventing thrombosis.

  5, kelp kelp is rich in fucoid grains, kubusu, these substances and heparin-like activity, not only can prevent thrombosis, but also have the effect of reducing lipoprotein, cholesterol, and inhibiting atherosclerosis.

  6. Garlic The volatile spicy ingredient contained in garlic can eliminate aunts accumulated in blood vessels, has a significant lipid-lowering effect, and is a good way to improve arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

  7. Tea polyphenols in tea leaves can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, reduce blood lipids, alleviate the hypercoagulable state of the blood, enhance the red blood cell elasticity, and alleviate or delay atherosclerosis.

Drinking tea regularly can soften arterial blood vessels.

  8. Onion contains a kind of prostaglandin A, which has the effect of vasodilation of the prostate. It can reduce the pressure of blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, and relax the blood vessels.

At the same time, the sulfur amino acids and diallyl disulfides contained in onions can enhance the fibrinolytic activity, and have the functions of preventing arteriosclerosis and lowering blood lipids.

  Summary: Vascular tension is a very dangerous situation. If we let it go, it can easily lead to physical health problems. Therefore, we must recognize vasospasm in our lives, eat more food that clears blood vessels, and often exercise.Has a good effect.

25 Jan

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Acupuncture treatment of acne is safe and effective without replacement

Editor’s note: Acne (commonly known as acne) is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, which occurs in adolescent men and women.

The course of the disease is lingering, and it is difficult to control with general drugs.

So how to eliminate this waste?

I compiled a list of major websites and finally found a reliable and effective method for removing acne-acupuncture treatment of acne, let us take a look at it below!

  There are many causes of acute ulcers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of them are caused by inadequate diet, damage to the spleen and stomach, lung and stomach stagnation, and steaming the face. The evidence is mostly empirical.

And it is related to the mood of the patient. If the long-term mental discomfort, the evil of heat and poison enters by emptiness, enters between the muscle crests, or flows through the meridians, so that the Qi and blood veins are blocked, and the stasis will turn into pus and cause pus.

Traditional Chinese medicine is treated with acupoint puncture of large vertebrae, and the method is simple and the effect is very fast.

  Treatment method The patient sits with his head tilted forward, and the Dazhui acupoint is fully exposed.

Sterilize the vertebral body of the patient with iodine. Take a disposable syringe needle to pierce the Dazhui point quickly. Generally 3?
5 times, the puncture depth is medium, and then quickly pull out the cupping at the vertebra to bleed. The bleeding volume is about 3?
5 ml, 2 times a week, 8 times as a course of treatment.

  According to the principle of diarrhea in practice, a three-pointed needle puncture bloodletting therapy is used.

The Governor’s Vein is the sea of the Yang Jing, the Governor’s body is the Yang Jing, and the Yang Jing is often the evil accumulation of heat poison.

Dazhui and Dumai Acupoint are also the meeting point of Sanyang Jing and Dumai, which are known as Zhuyang Meeting.

Bleeding at Dazhui can relieve lung and stomach heat, draw up the Qi machine, reduce heat and dissipate heat, and promote blood circulation and blood stasis.

23 Jan


原来,大蒜中含有一群含“硫”的化合物,这种有效活性成分俗称“蒜素”。蒜素具有诱发人淋巴细胞活动的作用,并且随着大蒜素浓度增高,淋巴细胞活动的频率也随之升高,说明大蒜可增强人体的免疫力。实验证明大蒜可同时提高机体的细胞免疫功能、体液免疫功能以及非特异性免疫功能,帮人们构筑一道天然的健康防护屏障,使人体免于病毒、细菌、污染物质及疾病的攻击,清除人体新陈代谢后的产物,修补其他系统受伤的组织,而达到预防各种疾病的目的。  大蒜中的蒜素可以提高好的胆固醇高密度脂蛋白(HDL),降低不好的胆固醇低密度脂蛋白(LDL),减少甘油三酯。研究显示:高血脂的患者在服用大蒜之后,他们的血压、低密度脂蛋白(LDL)和纤维蛋白质都降低了,血黏度下降,使得血凝的危险降低了。研究也证实,大蒜能降低心脏病突发患者的死亡率。印度塔哥医学院的研究:以432位心脏病突发症病人存活者来做实验,为期3年的追踪,其中有半数病人每天喝6~10片大蒜榨成的汁,另一半人只喝含有蒜味的安慰剂。结果前者比后者心脏病重发情况少了32%,死亡率少了45%。  在二次大战期间,由于抗生素尚未普及,人们在战场上都是利用大蒜来消毒并预防皮肤坏死。这是因为蒜素有很强的杀菌作用,它进入人体后能与细菌的胱氨酸反应生成结晶状沉淀,破坏细菌必需的硫氨基生物中的SH基,使细菌的代谢出现紊乱,从而无法繁殖和生长。  大蒜含有几十种有益的成分,包括:33种硫化物,17种氨基酸,以及锗、钙、铁、钾、镁、硒、锌,以及维生素A、B1、C等都是人类不可或缺的营养素。  美国国家癌症中心(CNI)认定,目前世界抗癌潜力植物中,大蒜位居榜首。美国国家癌症中心正在研究大蒜的抑癌特性,发现对结肠癌和胃癌的治疗效果明显。这是因为大蒜是一种亚硝胺阻断剂,能抑制亚硝胺形成,长期吃大蒜或大蒜制品可大大降低胃癌的危险性。据北京癌症调查研究所研究表明,多吃蒜葱植物者,大大降低了胃癌的危险。  大蒜含有丰富的营养成分,尤其是具有独特生物活性的蒜素等含硫化合物的超氧化酶(即SOD)及硒蛋白等功能成分,这些物质具有显著的医用和食用价值。但是,长期以来大蒜的蒜辣味和氧化辣臭味以及其食用后对肠胃的刺激等都极大地影响了大蒜的广泛利用。另外,传统的加工方式(如水蒸气蒸馏蒜油等)还造成蒜臭渣、废水以及周围环境的污染。因此,开创大蒜加工的新途径能够带来极大的社会和经济效益,北京罗麦药业有限公司采用了目前世界最先进的大蒜加工技术:超低温冷冻干燥技术,肠溶衣包裹技术及十二指肠崩解技术生产的“罗麦牌”蒜素片已完全解决了以上问题。

22 Jan

Eat more whole grains

Eat more whole grains

“Health science is actually the art and culture of human beings managing life and health.

Health care should be based on personal fitness and feelings to create a health care model suitable for themselves.

Gao Yimin’s special view on health care determines that he is a different person.

  Long-term adherence to eating omnivorous food, eating coarse grains, and adopting the principle of combining brain power and physical movements, when Gao Yimin was about 80 years old, he could still jump up with his feet like a young man, and some young people were generally agile and energetic.

  The choice of food varies from person to person. From eating pepper to not eating pepper, Gao Yimin claims that his constitution has changed.

It turned out that eating noodles would add oil and hot peppers, a bowl of steaming, spicy and pungent noodles, and the whole body sweated and dripped.

Later, he had blood in his stool due to eating peppers, and since then he has stopped touching peppers.

Gao Yimin believes that with the increase of age, his constitution can not withstand the stimulation of pepper, especially the consequences of long-term hemorrhoids and blood in the stool are very serious, and the impact is insulated from pepper.

  He reminded people that whatever they eat, they must be replaced without harming their bodies.

Some people will get urticaria when they eat shrimp, some people will be prone to hemorrhoids when they eat peppers, and some people will increase their fat and blood lipids, so you must control your mouth.

Now is an era of high incidence of chronic diseases. You must know your physical condition to avoid adverse effects on your body.

  ”Reasonable and reasonable, for me it is omnivorous, coarse grains.

Gao Yimin said that eating a variety of food is good for the body. It can absorb the nutrients of various foods and be reasonable, scientific, and comprehensive in nutrition.

Those who are partial to eclipse can easily contain certain nutrients.

He likes the smooth texture of rice noodles, especially the low concentration of rice noodles, and the characteristics of low concentration are very suitable for himself.

Eating pastry cakes every few days is also his favorite. The pastry cakes are soft inside, making vitamins and other nutrients, and have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and promoting digestion.

There is also Shandong Pancakes, which he eats twice after each purchase.

He believes that eating should not be full, and proper diet can be beneficial to the body.

Especially at night, you should eat less and eat early.

In this way, you have time to move around and let the food be digested before going to sleep.

  Physical exercise is good for health Gao Yimin believes that what he calls non-physical sports like rubbing mahjong and poker is a waste of time. Only real physical exercise can improve the quality of life and make the body healthier.

  ”The room is my gym.

Gao Yimin took advantage of every opportunity in life to exercise.

He has a washing machine at home and he never uses it.

He believes that rubbing clothes with a washboard can exercise the muscles of the head and back, and twisting clothes by hand can exercise the strength of bones and increase blood circulation in the hand.

  When going up the stairs, most people go up one level, while Gao Yimin goes up two steps and two levels.

He said that one step across two steps of stairs can stretch the muscles and better exercise the whole leg, while the muscles of the lumbosacral region are also exercised due to exertion.

When he goes down the stairs, he also runs quickly, increasing his range of motion.

  He usually goes to work at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. He chooses to ride a bicycle and commute more than an hour a day.

In life, he hardly takes a taxi, walking and cycling.

After returning home, use the sweeping, washing, cooking and other opportunities to move your bones and muscles and reduce the burden on your wife.

It is these ubiquitous movements in his life that have made him grow old and not old, and have proved the truth of life and movement.

  The principle of five flavors of dietary therapy In “Interpretation of Old Chinese Medicine-A Guide for Chinese Residents” compiled by Gao Yimin, there are many foods with the same source of medicine and food. In fact, many people will use dietary therapy to relieve their body according to their situation at the time.Discomfort.

  ”Food has different effects depending on the taste.

Gao Yimin, who has been engaged in the research of Chinese medicine for a lifetime, believes that the pungent flavor can disperse coldness and promote blood circulation, which is suitable for those who have external symptoms or cold and dampness. For example, those who have cold and cold should eat ginger, light white, perilla and other foods; sweetness is beneficial.It can relieve pain. Beef, duck, jujube, etc. can be used for qi deficiency syndrome, and lamb, shrimp, sparrow, etc. can be used for yang deficiency syndrome;For the treatment of deficient sweat, diarrhea, frequent urination, smoothness, cough, and more than a variety of bleeding disorders; bitterness has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, drying dampness and lowering air. People with heat syndrome can choose bitter melon and tea, but bitter food should not be eaten, Especially those with weak spleen and stomach should be more cautious; the salty taste has a soft and firm dispersal effect, which can nourish yin and blood, and can be used to treat complications such as sputum nucleus, lumps, heat constipation, yin and blood deficiency, salty foods including laver, seaShrimp, sea crab, jellyfish, etc.

  Gao Yimin reminded everyone to use food therapy to abide by the principle of five flavors, that is, the medical doctor Zhang Zhongjing said, “The taste of food is not only suitable for the disease but also harmful to the body.