12 Jan

The elderly comb their hair for 10 minutes every day to prevent strokes

The elderly comb their hair for 10 minutes every day to prevent strokes

Anti-aging, first cure the brain.

The brain is the headquarters of the human body. Protecting the brain is of great significance to the health of the human body.

Stroke is a common disease in the elderly. The best way to deal with it is to strengthen prevention. It is a simple and easy way to keep combing hair.

  Combs, not the need for beauty and make-up, but also have a great impact on self-care, especially for brain stroke can help prevent it.

As the saying goes: “Combating hair for ten minutes, preventing strokes is the truth.”

  The comb comb comb is used to stimulate the holographic acupoints of the head meridian and viscera corresponding to the head surface, and the biological information generated during the operation is applied to the head through the sensing relationship between the meridian and the hologram, so that the pores of the head are opened and excreted.Disperse.

This dredges the meridians, invigorates the yang, sputum and oxygen, and regulates the organs, thereby improving the body’s disease resistance.

Combs, as well as nerve reflex, improve blood circulation, promote the metabolism of tissue cells, this subtle relationship and subtle role, the transition to the whole process of combing hair.

From the starting point, if you want to get a better physiotherapy effect, you should have patience when combing your hair. The comb will act on the scalp and repeat it. The head watch can produce the slightest heat.

In general, it is best to use a comb to achieve health care. It is best to have a combing time of about 10 minutes each time.

  It is best to use jade, horn or wood instead of plastic.

Jade comb and multi-functional horn comb are ideal because they are rich in minerals and trace elements, which have a great benefit to the health of the human body.