16 Jan

The elderly should pay attention to the four tips of the body

The elderly should pay attention to the “four tips” of the body

In the face of the “collective” decline in physical function, many elderly people will have the feeling of wanting to intervene but have no way to start.
In this regard, experts from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave a solution: the elderly should especially re-maintain the “four tips.”
  Chinese medicine believes that “refers to the tip of the tendon, the tongue is the tip of the meat, the tip of the blood, the tooth is the tip of the bone.
Human body tips and organs are interrelated. By observing the four tips, the functional state of the body can be analyzed.
The elderly pay attention to the health care of the four tips, which is good for health and longevity.
The tip of the bone: the tooth has been researched abroad, and it is pointed out that the loss of teeth indicates that people are getting old.
Chinese medicine also believes that the kidney is the main bone and the teeth are the tip of the bone.
Older people with calcium deficiency and osteoporosis may have earlier tooth loss.
Therefore, if you want to protect your teeth, you should pay attention to maintaining the existing teeth, and repair the bad teeth in time to improve the quality of life of the elderly.
  Usually you can choose some kidney-reinforcing drugs, such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Jingui Shenqi Pills, etc.
In addition, Chinese medicine also promotes dental caries, that is, the occlusal movement of the upper and lower teeth, which can not only enhance the elasticity and toughness of the teeth, but also solidify the kidney gas and promote the secretion of saliva, and enhance the function of digestion and absorption.
  The tip of the meat: tongue Chinese medicine believes that: the main muscle of the spleen, the tongue is outside the spleen.
People’s aging or digestive problems can show some clues on the tongue.
Older people should pay attention to observe their own tongue and tongue coating. For example, the tongue is thin, which may be the body aging, the performance of kidney deficiency; the tongue is thick and greasy, may have indigestion; the color of the tongue is dark, may be qi stagnationBlood stasis, meridians are not able to pass, suggesting to prevent myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction.
  The elderly should pay attention to oral cleaning, insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and gargle after meals.
A clean mouth helps to improve the taste of the taste buds and the excitability of the taste cells.
Pay special attention not to scrape the tongue often, because the scraping of the tongue easily destroys the taste buds, making the elderly with a lower taste taste worse.
  The tip of the tendon: refers to the toe. The ribs correspond to the liver. If the fingers and toes are not flexible or numb, it may be a manifestation of liver aging and poor circulation.
It is worth mentioning that the gangrene of the toe is one of the most common complications of diabetes, so many elderly people first went to the hospital because of foot problems, but diagnosed diabetes.
  The maintenance of the finger toes is especially important for patients who have already been diagnosed with diabetes.
Wear shoes should be a little bigger and fatter, so that the feet are not bent.
When walking, consciously grasp the ground with your toes. Before going to bed, you should always use warm water to soak your feet. After soaking, wipe dry, then gently massage with both hands.
In addition, some precise and meticulous manual work can increase the sensitivity of the hands, delay the aging of the brain, and promote blood circulation and smooth flow.
  The tip of the blood: hair is an indicator of the rise and fall of blood.
The blood is strong, the hair is black and shiny; if the blood is weak, the hair will be white, brown, and scarce.
Hair changes are the initial signal to step into the aging process.
  The elderly protect hair, wash their hair and do not use too much soap; use combs to promote blood circulation of the scalp; usually eat some foods that have kidney, blood and black hair, such as Shouwu, medlar, longan,Jujube, black sesame, walnut, black bean, black fungus, etc.
These nutritious foods are good tonics that delay aging.