11 Feb

Delicious fruit fishing grinds your ability to capture love

Delicious fruit fishing grinds your ability to capture love

Come to a freshly decorated dessert spot and watch the various beautiful fruit fishing pictures on the menu. You can’t help drooling.

The waiter has recommended the following four kinds of fruit fishing. Which one do you want to try the most?

A, original papaya coconut flavor Tremella fish B, assorted fruit skewers with ice cream C, papaya jelly Punch D, red bean pumpkin Xueba Choice A: Tremella has nourishing yin and cough, lungs and phlegm, moisturize the skin, moisturize the intestines and appetizersEfficacy, coupled with papaya and slippery coconut pieces, if you put it in the refrigerator and freeze it, it is worthy of summer coolness.

But if you want it to be authentic, spend more time.

Just like your love, it is also slow work and careful work, slowly boil, and finally more and more people are in love and can’t bear to let go.

Option B: The hotness of skewers and the coldness of ice cream, your love taste is two extremes.

It is sweet and sweet to be a lover, and it is frosty to be a lover.

You are hot and cold fast, so your relationship is mostly short-lived.

However, you are devoted to each relationship with all your heart, so you are suspicious and you must not have any shortcomings.

But your behavior is very different from your heart, and often leaves your lover wondering what you are thinking.

Option C: The transparent and beautiful jelly, often people can’t bear to eat these.

Punch is a local drink in India, which has a full relationship with red wine. After blending, the color is very beautiful.

The combination of punch and papaya jelly is beautiful and delicate, just like your love, very beautiful, but very fragile.

Although the wine still has the original flavor of papaya, when facing love, you should still make yourself stronger and brave.

Choice D: Xueba is made with a small amount of milk, so it is occasionally lower in content than normal ice products, and it becomes healthier to eat, but its sugar content is high, so you cannot eat it in excess.

But red beans have a fat-reducing effect. If you eat them together, you don’t have to worry about getting fat.

Although your love has many disadvantages, it is so harmonious as a whole. Like men and women in the world, although there are occasional disputes, they are very sweet.