12 Feb

Test to see if your desire to control is strong?

Test to see if your desire to control is strong?

When you go to a barber shop or a hair salon, how do you communicate with the hairdresser?

Should I elaborate or let the hairdresser cut it?

Your answer can polish whether you are a controlling person.

  Test translation: How do you communicate with a hairdresser at a barbershop?

  A, throw a bunch of magazines and ask him to decide B. Oral explanation roughly points to direction C. Take a photo and ask him to cut D. Let the hairdresser help you answer the answer: choose A: throw a bunch of magazines and let him decide.

Control of desire: 40 points.

I don’t know if you are really good at negotiation, or you are born with a weak personality. You often listen to others’ opinions, so what you originally planned, in the end, had the ideas of others, and even ownership was quietly in the hands of others.

  Option B: The verbal instructions outline the direction.

Control of desire: 60 points.

Your preferences are quite obvious. You will unconsciously want to have control over the things you care about, so that you can devote yourself wholeheartedly, and no one else can interfere; but if you are not interested, you will not care about yourself.Just let it go.

  Option C: Take the picture and ask him to cut it.

Control of desire: 90 points.

You are not very safe in the workplace. Once you have the power, you would rather let yourself be half-tired than give power to others. Unless you feel powerless, it is difficult for others to get you.Authorization.

  Option D: Let the hairdresser help you.

Control of desire: 75 points.

You have a clear relationship between estrangement, closeness, and closeness. If you want to share a cup of power from your control, you must first gain your deep trust. As for someone who is not familiar with you, if you want to let you delegate power to him, you can sayIt’s harder than going to heaven.