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Pillow stuffing, let you fall down and sleep, not bitten in summer

Pillow stuffing, let you fall down and sleep, not bitten in summer

Since ancient times, people have understood the essence of sleep and constantly sought ways to help sleep. The so-called Song Dynasty poet Lu You said: “Huashan Shishi sees it, and does not know how to sleep.”

“Today, I would like to share with you a simple medicine pillow. The cassia pillow can be used for the health repair massage of the human brain, heart, cardiovascular, cervical vertebrae, etc., to make the human body recover, the meridian is smooth, promote blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and cool down.To improve the function of the internal organs.

The seeds are hard, and the head and the acupuncture points can be massaged, so the headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, etc. on the liver and the yang are helpful.

Cassia natural physiotherapy uses, and extensively expand the field of blood pressure, laxative, weight loss and other fields.

In addition, the unique coolness of Cassia is particularly comfortable in summer, especially in line with the basic physiotherapy theory of Chinese medicine “hot head hot feet”.

The method of making Cassia Pillow is the richness of Cassia. When making a sleeping pillow, the dry product can be about 150 grams (specifically, it is adjusted according to the individual’s acceptance of the aroma), too much can cause odor discomfort.

In addition, because the amount of cassia dry product is not enough to support the entire sleeping pillow, it needs to be filled with other materials, and can be made into a soft pillow or a hard pillow according to personal preference.

Cassia, repellent is also in the cassia sleep pillow texture loose, smell fragrant, calm and soothe the nerves, relieve sleep, relieve nervous tension, relieve dizziness, headache, and a certain role of mosquito repellent.

If you can’t stand the smell of mosquito scent, try the decision pillow?
Studies have also shown that Cassia fragrance can also help infants sleep, so that they can re-enter sleep, wake up at night and reduce the number of times, the time is shorter.

However, infants and young children cannot judge and choose the aroma of their own. Therefore, when using it for infants, reduce the amount of cassia seed, or replace the sachet with cassia seed, sachet, and suspend it at the bedside.

In the end, I guess you like the effect of jaundice and the method of eating qi and blood. When you learn, you will see the tongue in the Chinese medicine. You can see the root of the disease at a glance. Can you learn to eat kidneys for a long time?

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