10 Feb

Eat sweet potatoes in spring to promote digestion

Eat sweet potatoes in spring to promote digestion

According to Qianqian Fang, the spring diet should “save acid and increase sweetness in order to nourish the temper.”

This is because eating more acidic foods in the spring leads to a stronger liver fire, which damages the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, it is best to eat more warm and sweet foods to help digestion. Starch foods are recommended, such as previous rice, glutinous rice, yam, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes.

  Eating sweet potatoes often in spring also prevents “spring sleepiness.”

Too much noodles, meat, and eggs in the daily diet will cause the body’s body fluids to be acidic, and people will easily become sleepy.

Therefore, eating some alkaline foods can alleviate the “spring sleepiness”.

Sweet potatoes are alkaline and can neutralize acidity to ensure human health.

  In addition, sweet potatoes can maintain the elasticity of the arterial wall and prevent abnormal cardiovascular deposition.

The cellulose it contains also prevents and relieves constipation.

  Recommended practice: Sweet potato cooking is a good practice, but in the spring tonic, it is best to use a milder method.

Therefore, drinking porridge is a good choice. Cut the sweet potatoes into diced and cook porridge with the previous rice, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption.

You can also add jujube and walnuts in the porridge, which are warm ingredients for spring.