14 Feb

Waist exercise is significant

Waist exercise is significant

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine and the most influential bodybuilding techniques of ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign, waist training is of great significance. Regular training of the waist can strengthen and adjust the navel (acupressure point) in front of the waist and the Mingmen point in the back.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the navel is the lifeblood of human beings, and the life gate is the life gate of the human body. The two transform the source of life everywhere and are the driving force for promoting human life activities.

  Regular exercise of the waist can clear the meridians and reconcile qi and blood.

Gu Mou said that the five bows are based on the body bow, supplemented by the hand and foot arches, with the waist as the axis, the upper part is connected with the two parts, the lower part is with the two legs, the upper and lower parts, and the middle naturally follows.

The five bows are integrated to form the potential to support all sides.

The waist movement affects many meridians such as Renmai, Dumai, and Damai.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “general does not hurt, otherwise general pain”.

Many diseases are caused by meridian block and qi and blood stasis.

Frequent loosening exercises will naturally clear these meridians.

  Regular exercise of the waist can relax the abdominal muscles to enhance elasticity, activate the internal organs to obtain self-massage, stimulate the spinal nerves and vegetative nerves, and clear the meridians and qi and blood to the brain (modern medicine also believes that the lumbar spine and brain tissue fluid are connected)It has certain effects on treating brain diseases and developing brain intelligence.

  In addition, the loose waist mentioned in Taijiquan can make kidney qi too much, take up lung energy, strengthen lungs and improve lungs, and improve the symptoms and complications of patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and heart disease.Early symptoms.
Good curative effect.