07 Feb

How to eat tofu can promote lactation and cure constipation

How to eat tofu can promote lactation and cure constipation

Tofu is a high-protein food, fresh and delicious, suitable for all ages, and is a pet on too many family tables.

  The proverb “Eat more tofu and keep safe” is circulating in the folk. Tofu still has an important position in people’s diet.

  Nowadays, our tofu is a kind of gourmet. If we use tofu, we can still cure diseases.


Treatment of dysentery: 500 grams of tofu, stewed with rice vinegar and eat, 2 times a day can cure dysentery.


Treatment of cough in the elderly: 500 grams of tender tofu, add 5 grams of peel, 5 grams of bellflower, put in the pot together, add two bowls of thick fried water, wait for the warm to eat the tofu, can cure elderly cough.


Prolactin: Stewed fresh carp with tofu can help lactating mothers.


Treatment of asthma: 500 grams of tofu, 100 grams of maltose, mixed with a cup of raw radish juice and boiled. Take 2 times a day to relieve the pain caused by bronchitis.


Cough: When you have a cold or cough, taking steamed tofu with sugar before going to bed has a certain effect.


Treatment of constipation: 500 grams of tofu, boil in a pot, add roasted peanut oil to eat, can cure constipation.

  Because tofu contains purines and purines, gout patients and patients with elevated blood uric acid levels due to purine metabolism disorders should not eat tofu.